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The benefits of eating Vegetarian

By Sabina Brownstein

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Published in Ibicasa Magazine on 15/04/2019

Why are people drawn to vegetarianism? Some just want to live longer, healthier lives. Others have made the switch because of an ethical opposition to eating animals. Whatever the motivation, there is an abundance of scientific research demonstrating that it is healthy to eat mostly plant-based foods. Studies recommend that you plan your meals around four healthful food groups: vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and legumes (beans, lentils, and peas). This combination is naturally high in important vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients, plus it’s packed with cholesterol-lowering soluble fibre. 

Plant-based foods give your body more of the positive types of gut bacteria that support your immune system and reduce inflammation. They also regulate ghrelin - a hormone that is very important for weight loss and weight management. Of course it is easy to prepare vegetarian meals at home, but it is just as easy when you go out. There are a growing number of restaurants in Ibiza that specialize in delicious vegetarian food, and almost all eating establishments have at least a few vegetarian options on the menu. •

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