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BIBO PARK - Exploring the Wonders of Nature

By Jerry Brownstein

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Published in Ibicasa Magazine on 15/06/2024 Sharing Link

A trip to BIBO Park is a wonderful adventure for people of all ages that blends the experience of Ibiza’s varied nature with fascinating scientific innovations and insights. Entering the grounds you immediately feel a welcoming sense of peace, asevery aspect of the design blends perfectly with the surroundings. While strolling through you will see technological marvels including the famous Plant Piano. You will also find beautiful places to relax and be with nature. BIBO Park is a project that is continually evolving: this year they have added new features that include an amazing interactive Planetarium, a stunning tropical oasis and more, so let’s take a quick tour.
There is a fascinating walk that meanders through varied landscapes which are created to look and feel like the different natural habitats of Ibiza. Emerging from this we come to authentic salt marshes that illustrate the massive salt flats of Las Salinas that have been a part of Ibiza’s economy for over 2,000 years. In striking contrast to this ancient technology is the high-tech Photobioreactor that grows photosynthetic microalgae. These microorganisms transform CO2 into oxygen using the energy of the sun. Similar machines are being tested in the US by NASA to create oxygen for future space stations on the Moon and beyond.

The experience in the new Planetarium is like a voyage into the cosmos. It starts by entering the “spaceship” through pressurized openings that are straight out of a science fiction movie. Once inside you settle onto comfortable cushions, and the entire rounded ceiling lights up with an amazing interactive 360º sight and sound show. The one that I saw was a voyage through our Solar System, going from planet to planet. It was incredibly realistic and interesting, as the movies are produced by the European Space Agency. There is a schedule of these shows playing every day. Some are for all ages and others are especially for children. The Planetarium is a great experience, but your exploration of space at BIBO Park does not end there. On special nights in July and August, guests will be able to view the sky through a powerful telescope. These events will also include a fabulous “Magic Lights” tour through the illuminated garden.
Bibo-park-3.jpg 199.69 KB
There is so much to see at BIBO Park that you may want to take a break during your tour. There are lovely areas near the entrance where you can sit and have a drink, or you might want to rest and contemplate at Plato’s Corner, a charming place to relax under the trees with the sound of a waterfall easing your mind. Nearby is a new area that is perfectly set up to host classes, workshops and other events for children or adults. Just ahead is another new addition - a perfect replica of an oasis with palm trees and flowing water. It’s a lovely place to hang out, and it also features a “Hugging Tree” that measures changes in your blood pressure as you feel the energy of the tree.

Speaking of energy from plant life, we have to mention the amazing “Plant Piano” which uses the interaction between humans and plants to create beautiful music. A series of long cylinders have plants on top that you can touch to create an amazingly rich and beautiful sound. The plants act as natural antennas that can sense the electromagnetic field of your body. Each cylinder has a different sound, so you can touch several plants to create your own symphony. It feels like magic! It’s a wonderful experience of connection that will bring new meaning to the power of hugging a tree or talking to your plants.
Bibo-park-4.jpg 359.81 KB
The “Plant Piano” is an Unforgettable Experience 

All of the drinking water at BIBO is “Water from the Sky” that is produced by atmospheric water generators powered by solar energy. These machines take humidity from the air, filter it to remove any contamination, add the right mixture of minerals, and then sterilize it with UV light. The finished product is high quality water that has never been in contact with old pipes, and is completely free of chemicals - you can taste the delicious difference. BIBOPark is now expanding this ecological concept on a commercial level. They have two new machines that together produce 1,300 litres of this special water every day. The water is shipped in aluminium cans, because they are the most ecological containers for recycling. It’s a perfect solutionon our island where water is precious, and could be expanded for use in restaurants and hotels.
BIBO Park is an enchanting experience for the whole family. Children love the special play areas, events, classes, and of course the exciting shows in the Planetarium. There is also a shop with a wonderful selection of gifts and books, plus the cosmetics of Ibizaloe made with 100% organic Aloe Vera. The Park is easily accessible on the highway from Ibiza to San Antonio – the entrance is just after the San Rafael tunnel coming from Ibiza Town. 

For more information please check their website

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