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Sven Puch: An Ibiza Story

By Jerry Brownstein

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Published in Ibicasa Magazine on 15/10/2023 Sharing Link

Many people have found their true selves here on Ibiza. For over 40 years it has been a place of freedom where you can leave behind who you were, and choose to be who you really are. Sven Puch grew up in Berlin, and as a young lad he thought that becoming a priest might be his future. He liked the idea of being the one who people came to for solace and advice – the one who could bring more peace and happiness into their lives. It turned out that the narrow world of organized religion was not his pathway to fulfilling those aspirations. But the freedom that he found on Ibiza has allowed him to express those goals in ways that fit who he truly is - as an entertainer, and in his beautiful photographs which capture the magic of this island that he loves.
Photo made by Sven Puch
Sven first visited Ibiza when he was seven years old, and even at that tender age he sensed a special feeling here. That memory faded into the background as he grew into a young man who earned some fame as an excellent athlete. He was contemplating making a career in sports, but in 1986 Ibiza reappeared in his life. A friend of his was supposed to work a summer job at the Cala Pada resort. At the last minute he found out he could not go, so he asked Sven to take his place. It sounded like fun to Sven, and he remembered his good feelings about the island, so off he went. Little did he know that this summer holiday would last for over 30 years! His electric personality fit right in with the vibe of the tourists, and bringing joy to their holidays came naturally to Sven. But it was when he started doing animated variety shows at Cala Pada that he truly found his passion.
Sven Puch as performer
Under Sven’s direction the shows evolved and became legendary. For over twenty years, he and his team put on spectacular performances every night during the months of the tourist season. Sven had created a community of 30 entertainers with the simple goals of having fun and spreading happy energy. Those were good years, and the nightlife reached a new level when he opened the Cala Pada Disco. Now the party could continue late into the night, and the opportunities for more creative entertainment blossomed. In 2014 the whole scene moved to Cala Llenya, but in 2020 the restrictions mandated by Covid brought it all to a sudden ending.
Sven Puch's paintings
Like many people who lost their livelihoods in 2020, Sven was at first in shock. The joyous life of creative entertainment that suited him so well, and had given him so much fulfilment, was gone. It would have been easy to get depressed, but that is not Sven’s nature. He decided that it was time to go deep within to reflect on this unforeseen upheaval of his life. So he grabbed his backpack and headed off with his dog for a one month walk around the island. Exploring new places, sleeping under the stars and being at one with his surroundings gave him a new perspective. He started to realize that perhaps the seeming disaster caused by the Covid restrictions might actually have been a gift in disguise. 
This “walkabout” was a revelation for Sven. It inspired him to explore new ways that his gifts and talents could bring people both joy and a deeper understanding of life. One of those talents is the soulful music that flows when he sings and plays the guitar. Sven does this regularly at intimate private get-togethers and publicly on Facebook and Instagram. Another talent that has come to the fore is his eye for the beauty of Ibiza’s nature, and the ability to capture its essence in wonderful photos. Sven walks in the campo and by the sea almost every morning to feel the special energy of the island, and to share that feeling through his photos. He posts them on social media so that everyone can enjoy them, and the best ones are beautifully framed in glass for sale.
Sven Puch in front of Es Vedrà
Sven’s boyhood inspiration to bring love and guidance to people has found its fruition here on Ibiza. Not as a priest, but as a man whose exuberant energy is devoted to the simple task of bringing joy. This journey started with the happiness that he created through variety shows, and it has evolved in ways that are even closer to the heart. But he occasionally still performs in his show style... because he loves to make people smile.  

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