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Seeing The Sun

In 2006, NASA launched the STEREO space mission to obtain a complete and three-dimensional view of the Sun. After years of work, in 2011 they achieved their goal by providing the first stereoscopic view of our star. Now, in 2023, STEREO-A is approaching Earth, providing a unique opportunity ... READ MORE

Massive Native American Monument

Over 400,000 hectares of public land in Grand Canyon National Park (US) have officially been turned into a national monument honouring the Native American tribes of the Southwest. It will protect thousands of cultural and sacred sites which are precious to these tribal nations. The park is a... READ MORE

Live Translation by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is capable of translating video conversations in real time, just like human interpreters. Until recently this would have sounded like science fiction. Imagine making a video call to an individual who lives on the other side of the world. That person speaks only in Jap... READ MORE

The Spanish Wing Walker

As a young girl growing up in Bilbao, Ainhoa Sánchez dreamed of dancing and flying. She became an excellent dancer and acrobat, but flying had faded from her life - until she saw a photo of a woman doing acrobatics on top of an airplane. This inspired Ainhoa to quit her job and move to Engla... READ MORE

Gardening For Good Health

A new study shows that frequent gardening is associated with improved wellbeing and lower stress. Britain’s Royal Horticultural Society surveyed more than 6,000 people, and the results clearly show that those who garden regularly are healthier and have lower stress levels. With regard to str... READ MORE

Psychedelics Therapy Growing

Australia has passed a law that allows psychiatrists to prescribe certain psychedelic substances for patients with depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). MDMA (also known as ecstasy) can be prescribed for PTSD, and psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient in psychedelic mushroom... READ MORE

Romanian Wilderness Protected

The Foundation Conservation Carpathia (FCC) aims to create Europe’s largest forested national park. It will protect 200,000 hectares of wilderness, while also boosting ecotourism. Some are calling this project “Europe’s Yellowstone”. This area of Transylvania, at the southern edge of the Car... READ MORE

Plants Cry Out for Water

If you are not giving your plants enough water, you may be making them cry! New research has discovered that plants actually make a noise when they are under stress. Using a soundproof chamber and highly sensitive microphones, researchers managed to pick up a sound coming from the plants whi... READ MORE

Laser Weed Removal

The Carbon Robotics company in the US, has created a new machine that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to allow farmers to quickly and accurately eliminate weeds from their fields. The “LaserWeeder” blends robotics and laser technology with AI, to eliminate over 200,000 weeds per hour witho... READ MORE

Caritas Hostal Renovated

Vibra Hotels has organized a collaborative project to renovate a rundown shelter owned by the Caritas charity in Ibiza Town. The hotel chain had offered to help Caritas improve some of the facilities where they offer shelter to disadvantaged people. “When we saw this shelter, it seemed like ... READ MORE

Phone-Free Holidays

The Eastern Gulf of Finland is a popular vacation area that includes the island of Ulko-Tammio. Starting last summer some behaviours were missing from that island: selfies, people walking with their heads down, meals with no one talking to each other, and all the other things that characteri... READ MORE

Exercise for Mental Health

A new study from the University of South Australia suggests that exercise is 1.5 times more effective than medication or counseling in improving symptoms of depression and anxiety. The extensive meta-analysis involving 97 reviews and 1,039 trials concludes that all forms of physical activity... READ MORE

Electric Ferry to Formentera

Ibiza and Formentera now have an electric ferry, the "Cap de Barbaria," equipped with advanced technology for energy efficiency. With a length of 82 meters and a width of 15.5 meters, it can reach speeds of 26 km/h (14 knots). The ferry operates for over 12 hours on powerful batteries, accom... READ MORE

Creating Bone Cells with Sound

Stem cells have the power to turn into any other kind of cell – a ‘superpower’ that some animals can use to grow new limbs. For humans these cells have the potential to help doctors repair parts of the body that have been damaged by injury or disease. This requires the ability to change the ... READ MORE

Drone Phone Rescue

Casey Ryan, an experienced photographer, and his friend found themselves stranded in snow-covered mountains. Unable to get help due to no phone signal, Casey used his drone to carry the phone above tree line, sending a message for assistance. Despite the drone's weight limit, the plan worked... READ MORE

Indoor Plants Protect Our Health

Scientific evidence suggests indoor plants can alleviate stress and purify air. A review of 100+ studies found placing a plant in a small room increases air quality by 25%. With two plants, air quality can rise by 75%, enhancing mental well-being by 45%. Additionally, an Australian study rev... READ MORE

Smartphone Becomes a Microscope

Researchers have discovered an inexpensive way to provide powerful microscopes for science students. Using low-cost materials they are able to turn normal smartphone cameras into fluorescent microscopes. They call it the “Glowscope”, and it can see things as small as one-thousandth of a mill... READ MORE

Positive Thinking Restores Memory

A new Yale University study suggests that maintaining a positive outlook in old age can reverse mild cognitive impairment (MCI), a common form of memory loss. Of 1,716 participants aged 65+, those with a happy attitude were less likely to develop MCI. Among those with MCI, positive thinkers ... READ MORE

Expanded Alternative Energy in France

France aims to boost solar energy generation tenfold and double wind power as part of a plan to meet the electricity needs of millions of households, equivalent to 10 nuclear reactors. Starting July 2023, parking lots with over 80 spaces must have solar panels, giving them three to five year... READ MORE

New Biofuel for Airplanes

Commercial airlines worldwide burn over 450 billion litres of jet fuel every year, and that number is projected to more than double by 2050. This is completely unsustainable, so a solution must be found. A collaboration of US researchers has come up with a 100% sustainable aviation fuel that... READ MORE

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