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Your “Hero’s Journey”

By Jerry Brownstein

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Published in Ibicasa Magazine on 15/04/2023

Many people are searching for a deeper meaning in their lives that goes beyond just existing from day to day with occasional highs and lows. Our way of living has created so many superficial distractions that we have lost perspective of who we really are, and why we are here. Yet there are echoes in our consciousness which remind us that our presence here on Earth is truly ‘on purpose - with a purpose’. These echoes come to us from our distant past; carrying with them a wisdom that is sometimes forgotten, but never lost. This ancient guidance can be found in the myths and archetypes that exist in all cultures, and which trace their roots to a time before recorded history. They speak of our true essence as spiritual beings having a dynamic human experience,
and they can be our guideposts to finding greater meaning and happiness in our lives.

There is one such archetypal story that can be found in virtually all mythologies since the beginning of time. Joseph Campbell called it ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces’, and it always takes the form of an amazing journey that begins when the hero receives the call to adventure. At first the hero is reluctant to answer the call, but eventually he embarks on a journey into the unknown. At every turn dangerous challenges are encountered that test his courage and skill. Along the way he meets allies who help him, and enemies who do all that they can to thwart his mission. The hero perseveres and eventually reaches the innermost core of his quest. But there he comes face to face with the most difficult obstacles of all, and it seems impossible for him to reach his goal. Has he come so far, only to be thwarted at the final hurdle?

Fear not, because our hero somehow manages to overcome even this supreme ordeal. He stands triumphant, having finally gained the treasure that has been his goal, but his quest is far from over. The treasure is of no value sitting where it is. For it to have any real value the hero must bring it back into the world. This is easier said than done. Once again he is hounded and harried every step of the way by powerful forces that do not want him to succeed. But in the end the hero not only returns with a treasure that is of great benefit the world, but the journey has transformed him into being a better person.

You have heard this story before, as throughout history it has been told in different ways by different civilizations. In ancient Greece it was embodied in legends like The Odyssey and Hercules. Today we see it in our movies: Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, The Matrix, The Wizard of Oz, Indiana Jones, etc. This story always captivates our attention because it resonates with a deep level of our consciousness. It inspires us to believe that we have the potential to be heroes, and to embark on a journey that will transform our lives and make the world a better place. But that does not mean that you are meant to literally emulate Hercules or Wonder Woman. These stories are allegories that symbolize a much more profound type of adventure. The real hero’s journey is not one of imagined challenges that are limited to the material world. It is a journey to go deeply within yourself so that you can find the most valuable treasure of all - the real you. Your mission is to bring that treasure into the world. So where does it begin?

The first step of every hero’s journey is receiving a call to adventure, and since you are reading this article you can consider yourself ‘called’. Are you ready to answer that call? Be aware that, as with all heroic journeys, you will encounter mighty challenges and obstacles along the way, but they will not come from monsters and trolls. They will come from your own subconscious enemies - the old beliefs and conditioning which block you from experiencing your true inner beauty. These habit patterns are powerful antagonists that will do all that they can to keep you from the treasure. At every turn you will come up against this inner resistance from your inherited ways of thinking and being.

In addition, most of the people and organizations in the society that you come from will reinforce your old programming. They are not ready to understand your journey, and will use their influence to keep you from advancing. But you are a hero with a clear vision of where you are going,so you keep pushing forward. In order to prevail you acquire new skills and tools that will help you to overcome these obstacles. You learn to meditate; to be mindful; to make conscious choices about who you are, and how you act in the world. Step by step you press on with your journey, and eventually you reach your heart centre where you discover the ultimate treasure. It is the realization that you are a being of love, in possession of limitless positive energy. But your journey is not complete, for now is the time when the hero must turn around and bring the treasure back to the world. Step by step you press on with your journey, and eventually you reach your heart centre where you discover the ultimate treasure. It is the realization that you are a being of love, in posses- sion of limitless positive energy. But your journey is not complete, for now is the time when the hero must turn around and bring the treasure back to the world.

Once again you will face powerful obstacles as you begin to express your re-discovered inner joy in every aspect of your life. Some of the people and situations from your previous circumstances will find it hard to accept your transformation, and it can be painful to let them go. On the other hand, many new faces will appear who will guide and encourage you on your new path. Just like the heroes of legend, your journey will transform you to become a more beneficial presence on the planet. You will realize that your mission in life – your real purpose – is simply to bring the gift of your inner light into the world. This is the hero’s journey... and it never ends... but it gets better every day.

“Remember, we are all affecting the world every moment, whether we intend to or not. Our actions and states of mind matter, because we are so deeply connected with one another. Working on our own consciousness is the most important thing that we are doing at any moment, and being love is the supreme creative act.”

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