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Learning to Love Yourself

Learning how to love yourself is at the very heart of your ability to create and enjoy the wonderful life that you desire. The benefits of self love touch every part of your being – physical, mental and emotional. It gives you a sense of inner peace and quiet confidence that keeps you centre... READ MORE

Published: 15/04/2024

The Holomovement Wave is coming to Ibiza

From May 23-27, Ibiza will host the unique transformative event, Holomovement Wave, where an outstanding array of speakers and moderators will guide participants in exploring a just, fulfilling and sustainable human presence on Earth. With interactive workshops and excursions, the event enco... READ MORE

Published: 15/02/2024

The Fountain of Youth

The Fountain of Youth, a centuries-old myth, inspired explorers like Ponce de León. Today, science unveils secrets to rejuvenation: a study shows lifestyle changes reduce 'biological age' in 8 weeks. Research suggests stress influence and advances in regenerative medicine. Harvard reverses a... READ MORE

The Magic of Mindfulness

Discover the power of Mindfulness 🧘‍♂️ This practice allows you to live in the present, making conscious decisions and overcoming automatic patterns. Meditating regularly is like going to the gym for your decisions: it gives you strength and mental clarity. Transform your life, find peace, a... READ MORE

Get Fit & Stay Fit

Improving your health is simpler than you think. Start by being mindful of your diet, choose "real food," and learn to read labels. Exercise is also crucial and doesn't require much time. The Five Tibetan Rites are a powerful daily practice taking just 10-12 minutes, offering remarkable bene... READ MORE

Published: 15/08/2023

Your “Hero’s Journey”

In the quest for a deeper meaning in life, we've lost sight of our true essence. Myths and archetypes, such as the 'Hero's Journey,' offer an ancestral guide to personal transformation. This journey involves overcoming internal and external challenges, discovering the inner treasure, and sha... READ MORE

Published: 15/04/2023

Aging Gracefully

For many, "aging" is synonymous with pain, discomfort, poor memory, loneliness, and ultimately death. However, research suggests that one's attitude towards aging can significantly impact the aging process. Holding negative stereotypes about aging can affect quality of life, while a positive... READ MORE

Published: 15/02/2023

Overcoming Stress in the Time of Covid

Covid-19 policies disrupt lives, inducing economic, emotional, and physical challenges. The virus primarily risks the elderly and the sick, yet constant media fear instills stress harmful to health. Stress, rooted in survival instinct, triggers the "Fight or Flight" response, causing physica... READ MORE

Published: 13/02/2022

Psychedelics for Therapy

Psychedelic drugs, demonized for decades, are gaining acceptance in conventional psychiatry. Psilocybin (from magic mushrooms) and MDMA (ecstasy/Molly) show promise in treating anxiety, addiction, and mental disorders. Prohibition in the '70s and '80s stemmed from societal fear and control. ... READ MORE

Published: 13/12/2021

Healthy Life - The Relaxing 4-7-8 Breath

Our breathing is something that we can control and regulate, so it is a useful tool for achieving a relaxed and clear state of mind. Practicing regular, mindful breathing exercises not only calms and energizes the mind, but it can also help with stress-related health problems. The 4-7-8 brea... READ MORE

Published: 15/06/2019

Healthy Life: A Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone knows that the keys to a healthy lifestyle are regular exercise and eating right… but knowing this and actually doing it are two very different things. The food expert Michael Pollan has a very simple formula for healthy eating: “Eat Real Food… Not Too Much… Mostly Plants”. “Real Fo... READ MORE

Published: 15/02/2019

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