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When East London (UK) resident Hilary Oxley turned 80 years old back in July 2013, her family got the outrageous idea of buying her a special birthday present - a ticket to go skydiving. Hilary had a blast, but as she neared her 90th birthday in July 2023, the family was hard pressed to think of a gift that would match the last one. So her two granddaughters decided to challenge their granny to do it again, and said they would join her in another skydive. Hilary’s response was, “You only live once,” and off they went. Granddaughters Stephanie and Daisy admitted that they were terrified before jumping, but their granny was cool. The staff at the Skydiving Company couldn’t believe how chilled out she was about the situation. After the dive Hilary said, “The experience was lovely – sometimes I’m more nervous than that just going shopping. Never in a million years did I think that, after doing this when I was 80, that I would be here again ten years later.” Though she admitted that two skydives were more than enough for now, she refused to rule out another when she turns 95.

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