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Healthy Life: Thoughtful Gifts for the Holidays

By David H. Moss

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Published in Ibicasa Magazine on 05/12/2018

With the holidays rapidly approaching it is time to consider if the gifts that you give to your loved ones are in harmony with your personal philosophy about health & ecology. 
With a little imagination it is easy to find gifts which share & promote your positive lifestyle choices. It is always good to start with where we buy our gifts. Are the shops promoting local products? Are they trying to reduce their impact on the environment?

Here are a few gift ideas:
• Buy local products. In this way we support the place where we live, and we also help to protect the environment by saving the ecological costs of importation.
• Health Products – natural creams, cosmetics & lotions made without chemicals.
• Gift baskets with healthy food.
• Gift certificates to healthy restaurants or natural shops.
• Gift certificates for a spa, massage, yoga class, etc.
• Replacing old household equipment with new energy saving appliances.
• Avoiding plastic as much as possible. 

Love your family and friends by showing your compassion for their health and the health of our planet.

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