EDITION: June - August 2021

Forbidden History

How did human civilization really begin? Are we to believe the old story that we were taught in school, or is there a much more mysterious and fascinating history of humanity still to be discovered? Conventional archaeologists say that the first civilizations arose about 5,200 years ago [...]Read more

Hacienda Na Xamena - A Vision that is always Evolving

Just before you get to the beach at Puerto San Miguel, there is a sign to turn left for Na Xamena. This road gently winds its way upward through the forest, going ever higher until it suddenly reaches its climax: the Hacienda Na Xamena. Overlooking one of the most breathtaking views on Ibiza, this very [...]Read more

What to be aware of when buying an apartment

When purchasing an apartment, there are a number of special features that the prospective buyer should be aware of. These are in addition to important points on the checklist for every property purchase which are not discussed here: The current extract from the land register (“nota simple”); [...]Read more

Water Sports on Ibiza

Looking out from the beach on a warm sunny day, it’s clear to see that we humans are a playful species. Whether it’s children frolicking in the shallows or jet skis speeding by on the horizon, we love to have fun in the water. Here on Ibiza we are blessed to be surrounded by the inviting Mediterranean [...]Read more

Ibiza Optimista - We are good news!

Electric airplanes for UPSThe UPS delivery service is going green with all-electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (EVTOL). The plane has a flying range of 400 km, with cargo capacity of over 600 kg and a cruising speed of up to 270 km per hour. It uses four fixed vertical lift propellers [...]Read more

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