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Curtains Beautify Your Home

By Jinny Throup

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A good interior designer is always aware of the important role that curtains play in decorating your home. The windows of any home are always a main point of attraction, so decorating them has to be an integral part of creating the look that you desire. As the focal point of the room, curtains are literally the frame for the window - and every picture needs a frame. When it comes to making a room feel cosy, there is nothing quite like drawing the curtains in the evening, especially when the room has subtle lighting. Curtains first became fashionable during the 18th and 19th centuries when their design began to evolve with the use of finer and more artful materials. Today’s curtain manufacturers offer a wide variety of fabrics with countless different themes and patterns to help homeowners make stylish and practical choices.

Photo by alexandercho from Freepik:

Curtains bring style & character to the windows of your room

The curtains are often one of the final items an interior designer will choose when decorating a room. Given the seemingly endless array of choices, the decorator will often use a Mood Board to display options to the client. This is a digital collage that allows different colours and fabrics to be mixed and matched on a virtual reality computer image. It is very helpful to ensure that the colour, pattern and material of the curtains will perfectly compliment the floor covering, rugs, wall colour, furniture, etc.. Whilst choosing curtains may be the final touch in the process, it is undoubtedly one that helps to set the tone for the whole room. Curtains can also be accented with tie-backs, tassels and curtain rails to add beauty and elegance to any room.

Photo from Freepik:

In addition to playing a crucial part in creating the overall aesthetics of a given room, curtains also have great practical value. They keep dust from coming into your home, and are also natural regulators of sunlight. This can be done through your choice of fabric densities which range from heavy drapes to sheer, transparent curtains. The goal is for each room’s unique needs to be effectively met. For instance, heavy blackout curtains are a popular choice to keep a bedroom dark. These have the added advantage of helping to manage the temperature by keeping the heat in during winter and out during summer. At the other end of the spectrum are transparent voile curtains that add charm and privacy to a living room whilst allowing much of the natural light to enter. Of course you can use any type of curtain to manually regulate daylight. If too much direct sunlight is making a room uncomfortable the curtains can be partially closed. Conversely, if more natural light is desired they can be opened to just the right degree.

Photo from Pixabay from Pexels:

Some windows look better with blinds, which come in a variety of styles

Another option for window treatments is the use of blinds. Sometimes the shape of a window dictates that blinds would be better suited; or perhaps there is no space to fit a curtain rod or ceiling track. Blinds come in many different designs and levels of transparency, and are often the best choice for people who prefer a more minimalistic, streamlined look in their home or office. Curtains can also be an important part of outdoor decor, by adding ambience to chill-out areas or protecting terraces from wind and sun. Outdoor curtains come in attractive styles that are made of water-proof, anti-mould fabrics which don’t bleach in the sun.

Photo from Freepik :

It is clear to see that curtains, which started out as a humble way to cover windows, have now become an important factor in home decoration. When properly chosen they provide the perfect combination of visual appeal and functionality. So whether you want to illuminate a space or create an ambience, curtains can do it all for you. 

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