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The Holomovement Wave is coming to Ibiza

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Published in Ibicasa Magazine on 15/02/2024 Sharing Link

A unique transformative event will be happening here on Ibiza from May 23 to 27. It’s called the Holomovement Wave, and it will bring together a dazzling array of speakers and facilitators who are luminaries in their fields. They will be guiding and interacting with the participants to explore various ways that we can work together towards the creation of a just, fulfilling and sustainable human presence on Earth. The sponsor of the event is the Foundation for the Future (Fundacion por el Futuro), which was founded by Emanuel Kuntzelman and Laura Rose - an American couple who maintain residences in Madrid and Ibiza. The Foundation has a rich history of supporting positive projects on Ibiza, including their collaboration with Chris Dews since 1999, in the wonderful work that he has done at Casita Verde. This is their newest endeavour on the island, so let’s take a look at the details.
Holomovement-2.jpg 80.97 KB
The Wave is part of the evolution of a movement based on an anthology published in 2023: “The Holomovement: Embracing Our Collective Purpose to Unite Humanity”, edited by Emanuel Kuntzelman and Jill Robinson (available on Amazon in both print and audio). The event can be described as a gathering of visionaries and activists to empower and unify people in a movement that seeks to inspire the positive evolution of humanity. It will be based at the Los Molinos hotel in Ibiza town, and will include many interesting activities taking place around the island. Most of the participants will fly in and stay at the hotel, but it is also possible for some local residents to participate. The word “holomovement” was coined in the 1980s by the distinguished theoretical physicist David Bohm. Without getting too technical, he was describing how every seemingly separate entity, event and action, is somehow part of a greater undivided wholeness. This suggests that as each one of us expands our individual awareness, it increases the transformative power of our entire species. That is how humanity evolves – through us and as us – in a continuing process of co-creation. You can see how that concept fits this movement, which brings together various elements of sociology, science and consciousness, to open the door for them to come together in one evolutionary wave.
The Holomovement inspires the Positive Evolution  of Humanity

The four day event is filled with activities that are both interesting and fun. Each day begins with optional yoga and movement practices. After breakfast guests attend sessions facilitated by prominent experts, that combine learning with interactive dialogue. The sessions are called ‘Streams’, which fits with the overall theme of flowing within a wave. There are four streams: Conscious Flourishing, Exponential Collaboration, Choosing Love, and Business & Tech Innovations. Each person can participate in three streams – one on each of the three main days – and at the end of the three days they all flow together in a final session. Guests will also have the opportunity to experience various aspects of Ibiza with guidance from local residents. 
Hotel Los Molinos
Plans for the evenings are filled with a combination of interesting insights and relaxed enjoyment. Two of the nights are at the Diario de Ibiza Theatre featuring illustrious keynote speakers, followed by special entertainment. Saturday afternoon and evening are reserved for an excursion to Juntos Farm. After a tour of this marvellous project, the director will explain all about regenerative farming and its importance on Ibiza. This will be followed by a ceremony of gratitude to Mother Earth. The evening continues at the farm with a locally-sourced dinner and Ibiza-style entertainment.
Juntos Farm - Photo: Medsea Studio
Ibiza is the perfect place to host this unique event that, “invites people to activate the next level of their potential, explore radical collaboration and joyfully move into transformative action.” Unlike many gatherings that are merely passive conferences, this event is centered on the interaction between the participants and the presenters. It is a golden opportunity to explore what is possible through integrated co-creation. By allowing our individual ideas and feelings to flow together, we unlock the powerful potential of energetic coherence. This is the dynamic that the Holomovement strives for... as we ride the Wave together.  

For more information about the presenters and other details, please go to the website:

Holomovement-5.jpg 114.27 KB

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