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New Ocean Plastic Cleaner

Ocean Cleanup's 'System 03' is a game-changer, almost three times larger than its predecessors, cleaning a football field-sized area every five seconds in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. With a mission to eliminate 90% of ocean plastic by 2040, the innovative technology, led by CEO Boyan Sl... READ MORE

Flying High at 90

At 90, Hilary from London takes on skydiving again with her granddaughters, defying fear with a "you only live once" attitude. After the jump, she describes the experience as incredible and doesn't rule out doing it again at 95.  READ MORE

New Nuclear Power in Europe

Finland's new nuclear reactor, Olkiluoto 3, became operational in April 2023, marking Western Europe's first in over 15 years. The most powerful in Europe, it aims to enhance energy self-sufficiency and grid security, already supplying 15% of Finland's electricity. With advanced safety featu... READ MORE

Nature’s DJ

Canadian musician Tarun Nayar explores a unique talent within the mushroom kingdom—music! As a professional biologist and Indian classical music enthusiast, he combines both worlds in "organismic music." Nayar records the bioelectric impulses of live mushrooms, converting them into sounds th... READ MORE

Ancient Woman Warrior

On the Isles of Scilly, the mysterious burial of an ancient warrior baffled archaeologists for years. Initially uncertain of the gender due to bone deterioration, recent techniques revealed a female Iron Age warrior buried around 100 B.C. The sword and shield hinted at a male identity, but a... READ MORE

New Caritas Store in Ibiza

Cáritas opens a new second-hand clothing store in Ibiza, excited after their previous one closed due to Covid restrictions. With 350,000 kg of used clothing collected annually, only 10% qualifies for sale, benefiting economically vulnerable residents. The shop offers high-quality second-hand... READ MORE

Fragrance Helps Memory

A new study from the University of California reveals the benefits of nighttime aromatherapy in improving the memory of older individuals. Over a six-month period, participants used diffusers with natural oils before bedtime. The high-potency group showed a remarkable 226% increase in cognit... READ MORE

New EU Environmental Law

The European Parliament has passed a law to restore degraded natural areas in the EU. “The Nature Restoration Law is an essential piece of the European Green Deal to restore Europe’s ecosystems. “Farmers and fishermen will benefit from this, as it ensures a habitable earth for future generat... READ MORE

“Stargazer” - Hypersonic Jet Travel

Exciting news in aerospace! Venus Aerospace is developing the Stargazer passenger plane, set to fly from New York to Tokyo in just an hour at Mach 9, reaching an astounding 11,000 km/h. Soaring at 56 km altitude, it offers views of Earth's curvature and space. Travel revolution underway! ✈️🚀... READ MORE

Road Bumps Boost Batteries

Bumps in the road can be annoying, but they may also be a source of energy for electric vehicles (EVs). BMW is building a new suspension system designed to harness the energy of a bump and convert it to usable electricity for an EV battery. One of the big challenges in making EVs efficient i... READ MORE

Plants “Feel” Your Touch

Science supports the popular belief that plants respond positively to caresses. U.S. researchers found that plant cells record the beginning and end of touches. In BIBO Park, Ibiza, you can experience this with their "plant piano," turning human-plant interaction into unique music. Plants ac... READ MORE

Europe’s Longest Cycling Tunnel

Bergen, Norway, unveils a 2.9 km cycling and pedestrian tunnel through the Løvstakken mountain, connecting residential areas to the city center. Designed to encourage walking and biking, it reduces travel time from nearly an hour to just 10 minutes, easing city traffic and cutting health-dam... READ MORE

The Two Euro Microscope

Manu Prakesh, a professor of bioengineering at Stanford University (US), was searching for a practical alternative to his team’s expensive electron microscope. It was very bulky, hard to transport and using it required a lot of training. They say that “necessity is the mother of invention”, ... READ MORE

New Blood Test for Cancer

Exciting progress in cancer early detection: Researchers unveil a cost-effective blood test capable of accurately identifying 11 types of cancer from small samples. The test relies on genetic signals released by tumors, providing a quick and non-invasive method. While further research is nee... READ MORE

Taxing Crypto “Mining”

Cryptocurrency mining, essential for transaction verification, raises concerns due to its high energy consumption. Mining centers, initially in China and now in the U.S., pose pollution risks and potential electricity price hikes. The U.S. considers a new 30% tax on electricity used in these... READ MORE

Drones That Fight Fires

Innovative firefighting drone undergoes testing in Portugal, designed to swiftly extinguish fires in hard-to-reach areas. Elevated 50 meters above the flames, it dispenses water from a connected fire truck via a long hose. Developed at the Forest Fire Research Laboratory of the University of... READ MORE

Improving Temporary Shelters

Holcim, the Swiss construction company, collaborates with refugee agencies to create low-carbon, energy-efficient, and recyclable emergency housing for displaced communities. Designed to resemble homes rather than shelters, the modular structures offer durability, safety, and well-being. The... READ MORE

Electric Air Taxis

Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft represent the next frontier in air transportation, resembling giant drones capable of taking off and landing in confined spaces. These fully electric planes are ideal for air taxis or private air limousines, providing efficient travel to... READ MORE

Swimming in the Seine

Just in time for the 2024 Summer Olympics, the river Seine in Paris will be clean enough to swim in for the first time in 100 years. This will allow the Olympics to stage events in one of the world’s most famous and photogenic rivers. A swimmable Seine will be a major turnaround for this bus... READ MORE

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