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Home, Garden & Decoration

Preparing Your Garden & Pool for Spring

Spring in Ibiza brings the joy of nature's beauty, from vibrant gardens to refreshed outdoor spaces. Expert advice on plant selection and furniture maintenance ensures a personalized oasis. Enhance your outdoor experience with water features and pool care for a perfect spring retreat. Let yo... READ MORE

Curtains Beautify Your Home

Interior designers know the pivotal role curtains play in home decor. Beyond aesthetics, curtains frame windows, creating a cozy atmosphere. Dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, they've evolved with diverse fabrics and patterns. Choosing curtains is a final touch, yet sets the tone fo... READ MORE

Swimming Pool Maintenance

In Ibiza, we enjoy outdoor swimming for about seven months a year, thanks to our wonderful climate. Pool maintenance involves efficient circulation, regular cleaning, and chemical balance. From brushing and vacuuming to precisely adding chlorine and monitoring pH, caring for the pool is cruc... READ MORE

Creating a Beautiful Garden

Embrace the beauty of nature at home in Ibiza! Choose the perfect plants, from vibrant flowers to aromatic herbs, with expert guidance for a stunning garden. Small spaces? Opt for terracotta pots; larger areas can flourish with climbing vines and Mediterranean touches. Efficient drip irrigat... READ MORE

Awnings for Outdoor Comfort

Experience the joy of outdoor living in Ibiza with a well-designed awning. Beyond providing shade and protection, awnings are decorative elements that add style to your home. From retractable awnings with a casing to vertical ones, there are options for every need. Choose a practical and att... READ MORE

Preparing Your Garden & Pool for Spring

Ibiza's early spring brings warmth and natural beauty, making it the perfect time to plant vibrant gardens. From mixing seasonal flowers with aromatic herbs to advice on garden design, creating an outdoor oasis is a delightful endeavor. For those with limited space, terracotta pots offer a s... READ MORE

Painting Your Home

Choosing the right paint for your home can be overwhelming. Oil paints offer durability and a smooth finish, while water-based paints dry faster and are easy to clean. Matte paints are great for a softer feel, while glossier options work well in high-traffic areas. For exteriors, opt for spe... READ MORE

Enlivening Your Home with Cushions

Interior designer Susanne Schmidt emphasizes the significance of cushions and blankets in any decor scheme. Pillows, being incredibly versatile, come in various fabrics, shapes, sizes, and fillings. From basic decorative cushions to large bolsters, there's an array to meet every requirement ... READ MORE

The Seven Basics of Interior Design

Elevate your space with these interior design essentials: Color for mood, Light for ambiance, Shape for style, Line for energy, Pattern for interest, Texture for tactile appeal, and Space for balance. Skilled designers blend these elements to transform homes into beyond-imagination havens. READ MORE

Natural swimming pools

Thinking about a summer pool? Consider natural or bio pools: eco-friendly systems using plants and gravel to purify water without chemicals. A refreshing and natural alternative! READ MORE

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