EDITION 118: August - October 2023

Trends in Ibiza Real Estate

Anybody who is looking to rent or buy a home in Ibiza is well aware of how intense the market for housing has become. The cost of rentals has skyrocketed, and they are hard to find. The situation for purchasing a home is similar as the prices for all levels of housing, from small flats to massive villas, [...] Read More

Prestige Properties: Celebrating 40 years on Ibiza

During the past four decades Prestige Properties has firmly established its reputation as one of the leading luxury real estate agencies on Ibiza. They have helped thousands of people find the home of their dreams - from high profile celebrities seeking a summer villa, to young families beginning a [...] Read More

The Importance of the Energy Efficiency Certificate

Anyone on Ibiza who has wanted to sell or rent their property in recent years, is familiar with the necessity of getting the “certificado de eficiencia energetica”. The energy efficiency certificate is an official document issued by a specialist, and the basic idea of it is to rank properties according [...] Read More

Jazz Point Ibiza 2023: The Beat Goes On

Jazz Point Ibiza is once again bringing some of the biggest names on the international jazz scene to perform here in Ibiza. This is the fourth annual Jazz Point Festival, and it will run from 12 to 15 October. David Moss and Adam Lenox of the Ibiza Music Agency work together with Joel Chriss Productions [...] Read More

Get Fit & Stay Fit

Everyone knows that the keys to good health are regular exercise and eating right, but knowing this and actually doing it are two very different things. The good news is that blending healthy habits into your daily life can be a simple and easy process. The first step is to bring [...] Read More

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