EDITION 115: February - April 2023

Aging Gracefully

For most people “aging” is synonymous with aches, pains, forgetfulness, loneliness, and ultimately death. Growing older is inevitable, but research actually shows that how you think about it can make a big difference in how gracefully you age. Holding onto negative stereotypes about [...] Read More

The Spanish Land Registry

In addition to the notary, the head of the land registry office (“registrador”) provides the legal basis that is crucial for the purchase of a property in Spain. The notary records the declarations of the parties, and the registrador enters them in the land register. The registrador is not [...] Read More

Preparing Your Garden & Pool for Spring

One of the many joys of living in Ibiza is our wonderful climate. Spring comes early here, so while most of Europe is still stuck in the cold gray of winter, we are enjoying the warmth of the sun and the beauty of nature as it blooms all around us. It’s the time of year to plant our gardens [...] Read More

Old Becomes New

We live on a finite planet, yet we use its resources as if they were infinite. Every type of manufactured product from the smallest container to the largest vehicle has built-in obsolescence. That means it will one day be scrapped, and we will need to replace it with a new one. The mountains of plastic [...] Read More

Finding Your Essence

In these confusing times, many people are seeking guidance to help them find their true path in life. The Buddha taught that your purpose in life is to re-discover your essence, which is your true nature. When this true nature is revealed your path becomes clear, and the divine states of kindness, [...] Read More

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