EDITION: October - December 2022

The Mystery of Creation

How was the universe created? Conventional science would have us believe that it started with what they call the “Big Bang” about 14 billion years ago. According to this theory, our entire existence suddenly exploded into being out of one very tiny speck of matter. What began as just a theory has gradually [...] Read More

Do You Need an Electronic Signature?

The electronic signature (firma electrónica or certificado electrónico/digital in Spanish) has gained importance in recent years as a way for private people and businesses to make contact with Spanish authorities. Spain is quite advanced in the use of electronic communication, and a private individual [...] Read More


Here is a situation that is familiar to many of us who live on Ibiza: It’s one of those nights when, after a great dinner with friends, you feel like going out to continue the good times. But where can we go to get into the real flow of Ibiza - to experience that marvellous feeling of freedom, [...] Read More

HELEN SADLER The Magic of Her Art

What separates a true artist from someone who just happens to have some painting or drawing ability? When you meet a true artist you sense something magical about them, and that’s how you feel when you are with Helen Sadler. She’s free-spirited yet serious; open yet mysterious. In short, she is [...] Read More

Meditation Empowers Your Brain

The way to develop strong muscles is to do physical exercises that strengthen your body. According to the latest research, it appears that meditation can do the same thing to develop more ‘power’ in your brain. Many studies have shown that mindful meditation can change your life by reducing stress [...] Read More

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