EDITION: December 2018 - February 2019

Water has Memory

By Jerry Brownstein
Research from the Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgart in Germany supports the theory that water has memory - a claim that could change our way of looking at the world. These experiments were made possible through the use of a revolutionary new process that quickly makes the molecular structure of a drop of water visible. Thus the scientists were able to instantly see whenever there was a change in the structure of the water. In a series of tests they found that each drop of water has a unique character that reflects the vibrations of what it has been exposed to. 

In one test different people were asked to use their fingers to create several drops of water, and they all used the same source of water. Each person’s drops were significantly different from those of the other experimenters, yet the entire set of their own drops was very similar. In other words, if you did this test all of your drops would look almost the same; but your drops would look completely different than the drops of the other participants. Since all of the water came from the same original source the only difference was the vibration imparted by you touching it. Clearly the water “remembered” the vibration of each different person.

As part of the same study they tested to see what would happen when a flower was placed in a glass of water. Once again the memory of water was proven. Every drop of water taken from the glass showed a pattern that resembled the flower. When they placed a different type of flower in another glass, those drops took on the shape of that new flower. Once again, the water is showing that it imprints the vibrations of anything that it is exposed to. This new research supports the famous work of Dr. Masuro Emoto which goes a step further by proposing that the molecular structure of water changes in response to the vibrations of what we think, say and feel. •