EDITION: February - April 2018

Reasons to choose organic foods

By Sabina Brownstein
One of the main reasons that organic foods are a healthy choice is that they do not contain fungicides, herbicides or insecticides. These harmful chemicals are widely used in conventional agriculture, and they leave a residue on (and in) your food. Organic food is also free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). These are plants whose DNA has been altered in a laboratory. Genes from bacteria and other foreign organisms are added to GMO plants to make them resistant to pesticides or to produce an insecticide.

Not only are organic foods clean and natural, but they also contain more of the antioxidants that keep you healthy and free of illness. Studies have shown that the levels of these beneficial nutrients is up to 69% higher than in conventionally grown foods. Organic farming is also better for the environment as it conserves water, uses less energy and is much better for the soil. Our bodies are designed to digest foods that are natural. Eating organic makes it easy for the body to obtain the nutrients that it needs without having to absorb harmful chemical additives or preservatives.