EDITION: April - June 2017

Mikki Funk & True Love Ibiza

By Jinny Throup
‘True Love Ibiza’ is the latest book by Ibiza-based artist Mikki Funk. At its launch on December 2016 it was instantly met with positive feedback and plenty of smiles. Ibicasa recently had the pleasure of talking to Mikki to find out more about her, and to discover the story behind the book.

Mikki was born in the former Soviet Union but grew up in Germany when her parents re-located. After finishing art school, she went on to pursue a successful career in fine art with her work being sought after by museums and world-renowned collectors alike.
Life was going really well... but then it all unexpectedly came crashing down. In a calamity of disasters, her marriage ended and the film production company she ran was dissolved. Mikki suddenly found herself alone, stressed, exhausted, and with her dreams in tatters. As is often the case in life, it was in these darkest of days that she discovered a newfound light within herself. Mikki realised that she needed to take control of the situation – to figure out what it was that she really loved to do, and start doing what it would take to make that happen. With her intention clearly set, she began a creative process that resulted in her first book: ‘Yes Wow’, a book of self-love.

Mikki explains that the book was inspired by a simple question: “I asked myself, how would I live my life if I truly loved myself?” Once she felt that theme clearly, the words began to flow effortlessly – as if from a greater creative source. Mikki also made sketches to accompany the text. When it was finished she told herself that one day she would look into making it into a book. However, at the encouragement of a friend who had shown it to a psychoanalyst, Mikki decided to go ahead and self-publish “Yes Wow”. It was printed exactly as she had written it in draft form... with all of the errors and crossings-out... and this ‘natural’ approach added to the charisma of the book.

Mikki first visited Ibiza in 2009 to make a documentary about Contact Dance. She immediately fell in love with the island and moved here permanently in 2012. It is hard for her to suppress a grin as she recalled that her car caught fire as she was driving to Ibiza... and at that moment she knew that she was on a great adventure “which felt like a movie.” Nevertheless, Mikki was still in a vulnerable frame of mind when she arrived to begin living on Ibiza. But she overcame the temptation to simply hide away, and reminded herself that she, more than anyone, needed to learn the lessons from her own book. Even that insight, however, proved to be insufficient, and she came to realise that what was needed was for her to go through an inner process of change. This spurred Mikki to create a transformative card game called ‘I AM’ – a modern day version of the Tarot with influence from the ancient Chinese classic the ‘I Ching’.

This eventually led to the writing of ‘True Love Ibiza’ – which is actually the third stage of Mikki’s inspiration to spread a message of love to Ibiza and to the world. It is a truly unique and charming book that takes the form of a fairytale, and tells the story of a little princess who discovers the meaning of True Love by learning that it always starts within. “It is very important for children to understand this as early as possible, and to step out of co-dependency,” says Mikki. But, as with all good fairytales and fables, the underlying message or moral is equally relevant to adults. The book features Mikki’s illustrations and the English text is written in her own hand. Catalan, Spanish, French and German translations are printed on the opposite pages. Self-published here on Ibiza, Mikki regards ‘True Love Ibiza’ as her gift to the island. “I am so nurtured by this earth, the colour, and the wind, and the juiciness! For me, it’s really important to give back to the island, and to the people here, because I’m so happy and honoured that I’m allowed to live here.”

But it’s not just all about the book. There are also “True Love Ibiza” baby suits, bags and T-shirts, with everything being made from natural sources that are renewable. The website yes-wow.com is the platform for this Movement of Love which Mikki and her partner Q DeRhino are entirely dedicated to. Their vision is to bring together healing and art to create ‘Art Medicine’ through writing, art, music, dance and yoga. They aim to encourage artists to take back their power. “We now have the power as artists. We don’t need publishing houses any longer. We don’t need galleries any longer. We are our own media.” With such clear enthusiasm, dedication and joy in her work, we feel sure that Mikki Funk’s Movement of Love will continue to grow and flourish.