EDITION: December 2016 - February 2017

Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

By Sabina Brownstein
You hear a lot lately about living a healthy life but what does it really mean? In general, a healthy person doesn’t smoke, stays fit with daily exercise and eats good food. Sounds very simple, and the key to developing these good habits is to begin by making small changes… step by step... adding more fruits and vegetables to you diet, having an extra glass of water… doing some yoga in the morning… These are just a few of the ways you can improve your health without drastic changes.

One of the biggest challenges for most people is to get started with a daily exercise program. We know it’s good for us but avoid it because we are afraid that exercise has to be vigorous to be worth our time. The truth is that all movement is good for you. Of course the more you do the healthier you’ll be, but even moderate activities like gardening and walking can give you these benefits:

·       reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes

·       improve joint stability and range of motion

·       elevate your moods

·       enhance self esteem

·       reduce stress