EDITION: August - October 2016

Living in the flow

By Jerry Brownstein
Albert Einstein has been quoted as saying, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or a hostile universe.” Some people choose to live as if the world is a dangerous place where everyone needs to look out for themselves first. This is the dominant message of our society and its media which tell us to be afraid... be very afraid. Yet we all have another choice. We can choose to trust that the universe is guided by an organizing intelligence that is always inviting us to move towards greater purpose, greater connection, more kindness, and more compassion. When you make this choice, to trust in a benevolent universe, you put yourself in the flow of life. Instead of fighting against what is happening around you with fear and anger, you choose to let go... to trust... to flow with what is.

Once you begin to believe that the universe is for you... not against you... signs will appear to prove that you are on the right path. People will come into your life bringing positive energy and supportive messages; the perfect book, video or teacher will turn up just as you are ready for it; you will become aware of synchronicities. These are ‘coincidences’ that most people would call accidental, but they are actually guidance from a higher source. Synchronicities can be anything meaningful that arises unexpectedly... a song that comes on with exactly the words you need to hear; a road sign that carries a message for you; seeing or hearing from someone just after you had been thinking about them. The more that you become aware of these synchronicities, the more of them that you will experience. These are reminders that there is more to the world than what we have been taught... more than just physical material reactions. They help us to accept that we really do live in a friendly universe, and that we have access to a source of intelligent guidance that is always working to bring us into alignment with our highest good.

A perfect example of this is when something in your life does not go the way you want it to. We are conditioned to react to these situations with fear-based emotions like anger, worry and anxiety... but you have another choice. You can trust that this seemingly negative event is somehow taking you where you are meant to go at this point in your life... even though you don’t understand how or why. Think back to the times when you thought something that happened was ‘the end of the world’... yet in retrospect you can see that it was a blessing: the break-up that led to a deeper lasting relationship, or the lost business opportunity that set the stage for future success. By reflecting on these past experiences you become aware that the universe is presenting us with a process that is more complex than what appears to the surface mind. When you live in the flow you realize that every situation is an opportunity to grow, by choosing how you will respond. Trusting that we live in a friendly universe allows you to bring positive loving energy to difficult situations, and this is how you evolve towards a higher consciousness... but that is not all. Each time that an individual makes a conscious loving choice, the entire world becomes a better place.

This is the essence of how personal evolution is intertwined with the evolution of humanity and the universe. When we choose love over fear, it not only moves us into alignment with our higher selves... it also moves humanity closer to ‘the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.’ As more and more people become conscious, our world becomes more conscious as well. This does not make sense to people who are still stuck in the old mindset that the universe is a hostile place. They think that those of us who envision the possibility of a more beautiful world are unrealistic dreamers who believe in miracles. But what is a miracle? It is not the intervention of an external force that comes out of nowhere and defies the laws of physics. A miracle is something that previously looked impossible because our limited consciousness could not comprehend it. When we expand our consciousness we open ourselves to greater possibilities that we could not see before. The way to create miracles in our lives and on this planet is by broadening our awareness so that the “miraculous” becomes the norm.

Humanity is poised to take the next step in our evolution – to shift from the current worldview based on fear, lack and limitation toward a new paradigm grounded in love, abundance and freedom. This is the energy of change that we feel all around us, and it is urging us to expand our consciousness so that we can create the ‘miracles’ that we need. So what is the next step? Living in the flow allows us to grow individually, but to truly create a more beautiful world we need to ‘spread the love’ to many more people. A great way to do this is through events that bring us together to explore and celebrate alternative ways of living. For people who are already in the flow these gatherings reaffirm that they are going in the right direction. Others who may just be starting on an alternative path are inspired by getting a glimpse of how wonderful life can be.

Here on Ibiza we have several events and festivals that help us to get into the flow and “be the change we wish to see”. The next one will be the IBIZA SPIRIT FESTIVAL on Sunday 2 October. The beautiful agroturismo Atzaró will once again be the setting for this special day that inspires people to open their hearts and minds to new ways of thinking and being. There will be dance, tantra, inspirational workshops, alternative therapies, yoga, meditations, singing circles, and a magical children’s garden created with love for kids of all ages. The healing sounds of soulful music will fill the air all day, culminating with an Ecstatic Dance Party in the evening. The Ibiza Spirit Festival is a celebration of how, by coming together in the spirit of love, we can create waves of positive energy that will light the way to a more beautiful world. •