EDITION: April - June 2015


By Jerry Brownstein
According to the ancient Vedic tradition of India your body has seven major energy centers located from the base of your spine to the top of your head. These spinning vortices are called chakras, and their purpose is to receive, assimilate and activate your life energy. Each one is associated with a specific color and has a unique role in maintaining vitality in all aspects of your being: mind, body and spirit. It is essential that the individual chakras are clean and clear, and when the whole chakra system is working together in harmony it creates a balance of health and happiness. Let’s take a tour of your body to get an overview of where these chakras are located and what energies they represent.
Starting at the bottom of your spine we visualize the color red surrounding the ROOT CHAKRA. This is the source of our most basic needs for survival and a sense of belonging. It represents our connection to the earth and the feeling of being grounded. When this chakra is clear and energy flows through it freely we feel secure and confident.

Moving up the body to just below the navel we come to the SACRAL CHAKRA and its glowing orange color. This is your center of sensuality, creativity and sexuality. It is where you feel true pleasure and the ability to explore new experiences. When this energy is strong it fuels the creative force that enables you to live your passion.
Now imagine the space just above your navel and sense the deep yellow color of the sun which is associated with the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA. This is where you experience your presence in the world… your sense of self-worth that translates your intentions and desires into manifestations. When this chakra is open and strong you are able to use your personal power to achieve worthy goals.

Next we bring our focus to the center of the chest and experience the emerald green color of the HEART CHAKRA. Here we feel the unifying energies of love and compassion that bring us inner peace. This is the seat of your soul, and keeping it open and in harmony enables you to bring your true loving energy into the world. The Heart Chakra is also the bridge between the three “lower” chakras and the three “upper” chakras.
So once again we move upward, and entering the neck we find ourselves immersed in the royal blue color of the THROAT CHAKRA. This is the center of our ability to communicate – not only through the power of the spoken word, but in all forms of expression – writing, singing, painting, dancing, etc.. When this chakra is open and flowing we express our truth with confidence and eloquence.

The THIRD EYE CHAKRA is located between your eyebrows and it glows with the deep purple color of indigo. Intuition, Imagination and Inspiration are all derived from this powerful energy center. When it is strong and in balance we are able to look deeply within – to go beyond the surface mind and discover the insights that bring us to a higher level of understanding.
Finally we come to the CROWN CHAKRA at the very top of your head. The color that emanates from this chakra is an ethereal shade of violet – sometimes mixed with bright white and silver. This is your connection to your higher self… and through that higher self to the vibration of Spirit that connects us to all things. When this chakra is clean and clear it allows us to expand our consciousness and feel the bliss of oneness.
A powerful practice that activates each of these major chakras is a simple guided meditation. Close your eyes… watch your breath… quiet your mind. Find a peaceful space within, and then start to focus on your Root Chakra at the base of your spine. Visualize it surrounded by the color red. Each time that you breathe in the color gets brighter and stronger as life energy enters the chakra. As you breathe out the chakra is cleaned and cleared by the power of your breath. After a few breaths you will feel the energy pulsing through the root chakra… and then it is time to bring your attention up to the next one… the Sacral Chakra and its orange color. Continue to follow the same method of using your breath and your inner vision to activate, clean and clear all of the seven major chakras as you move up the center of your body. At the end of the meditation take a few moments to feel all seven energy centers working together in harmony.

Doing this meditation as a daily practice promotes physical and emotional well-being by allowing your life energies to flow freely. You can deepen this practice by focusing on the feelings that are associated with each chakra: security and belonging anchored in the Root Chakra… creativity and sensuality flowing from the Sacral Chakra…  reflections of your place in the world in the Solar Plexus Chakra… floating in the Love energy that surrounds the Heart Chakra… expressing your truth through the Throat Chakra… exploring insight and intuition within the Third Eye Chakra… connecting to the higher dimensions of the Crown Chakra.