EDITION: April - June 2014

You have the power

By Jerry Brownstein
Are you aware that your thoughts, words, and feelings have the power to change your physical reality? Do you know that it is possible to completely transform your life by changing your beliefs and perceptions? This is not just New Age wishful thinking… it is backed up by science and experience. From quantum physics we know that the atoms which make up our entire world are mostly empty space that is filled with energy. This energy occurs in waves of vibration that contain infinite amounts of information. So everything in the material world is actually made from this combination of energy and information. Take a moment to let that sink in. Okay, now wrap your mind around the fact that our thoughts and feelings are also forms of vibrating energy that carry information. That’s right – thoughts and feelings are made of the same stuff as toasters and telephones.  

Not only does everything in our world consist of vibrating energy, but there is also a law of the Universe which says that like vibrations are attracted to each other. What does that mean for you and me? It means that the energy you project through your thoughts and feelings will attract into your life that same kind of energy from the Universe… like attracts like. When you create your thoughts and feelings to be positive they attract positive things into your life, but if you are putting out negative thoughts and feelings your experiences in life will also be more negative. You can see proof of this in the work of Dr. Masuru Emoto and his numerous experiments on the effects that words, thoughts, music and other stimuli have on the molecular structure of water. Water that is exposed to positive intent through words or feelings such as love, joy and gratitude develops incredibly beautiful and complex crystalline structures. However, the same water when presented with negative stimuli like fear, anger and violence takes on disorganized shapes that are often grotesque. In every case the physical reality of the water is transformed to match the vibrations that it is exposed to – beautiful for the positive and deformed for the negative – like attracts like.

The Law of Attraction applies this same principle to everyday life by declaring that whatever we think and feel will be attracted into our lives according to the basic mantra that “energy flows where attention goes”. This seems pretty simple – just think positive thoughts and all good things will come to you. Yes it’s simple, but not as easy as it sounds, because the Law of Attraction does not discriminate between positive thoughts and negative ones – wherever your attention goes that’s where the energy flows… and that is what you will attract. You may be thinking about having joy and abundance in your life, but at the same time your subconscious programs and social conditioning are putting out feelings of fear and scarcity.  So the result will be mixed. You will attract some of the abundance you think about, but you will also attract the scarcity that your underlying feelings are projecting. The way to create the life that you desire is by increasing your positive thoughts and feelings while decreasing the conscious and subconscious negativity that you are projecting. Sounds like a good plan so how do we make that happen?
The first step is learning to truly believe that your thoughts and feelings have the power to change your life. Just repeating positive words will not do any good if beneath the surface you are not really believing that it will work. You need to upgrade your old belief system by letting go of out-dated conventional thinking, and opening your mind to a deeper knowledge about how the world works. Educate yourself about the facts which show that the energy you put out really does co-create your reality. This knowledge will gradually wash away your old beliefs and allow you to see that the choices you make will determine the flow of your life. The next step is to find a source of wisdom that will always lead you to make right choices. Luckily that source is as close as the beating of your own heart.  

You can get in touch with the wisdom of your heart by developing a daily practice that includes meditation. This will allow you to get past the chatter of your mind, so that you will have access to your inner wisdom when making choices about how to act in the world. When you follow your heart you go through life with love energy as your guide – intentionally creating your thoughts, words and actions to be a clear reflection of the beautiful person whom you choose to be. This is the practice of mindfulness, which simply means being aware that you have the free will to choose whom you wish to be… in every situation… in every relationship… in every moment. As you continue to transform your life in this way you will be pleasantly surprised to see that… it works! Wow – things really do get better just by changing your thoughts, feelings and perceptions. This positive reinforcement will make your new beliefs even stronger… which will bring more joy into your life… thus making the beliefs still stronger… bringing more joy… stronger beliefs… more joy… the virtuous cycle of conscious living. It’s up to you… you have the power. •