EDITION: June - August 2013

Inner Peace

By Dassana
The source of our discontentment, stress, fear, frustration etc. is the unbroken, restless stream of our thoughts.

Thoughts in the form of ideas, prejudices, expectations, comparisons distract us from the reality of the present. Thoughts obscure our being, like clouds in the sky, and we lose contact with the moment and get cut off from the present. Thoughts never engage with the present, they hover between past (comparison, prejudice) and future (ideas, expectations).

Meditation brings about a change of consciousness where thinking and awareness are separated. Instead of losing yourself in thought, you reveal yourself as the awareness behind the thought. Then thinking is no longer an autonomous, self-fulfilling activity that controls us and our life. Instead of ruling our life, thinking becomes an instrument of our consciousness.

When you begin to understand how the thinking apparatus works, vast awareness appears in you, that doesn’t stem from thinking. You become more and more aware that reason is just a mechanism and that you are in reality consciousness.

The identification with our thought process forms our ego. A person’s intelligence, which is nothing more than an aspect of universal intelligence, has been distorted and used by the ego. Our deep yearning for happiness, love, peace and fulfillment leads us further and further away from ourselves, because the ego corrupts this yearning.

We exhaust ourselves in the search of security, possessions, power, status and confirmation. We begin to look like a person who sits on a trunk full of precious stones, looking out in the world greedily and expectantly, dreaming of unattainable treasures, desperately thinking how to obtain them.
Meditation is a method that distances us from our thinking and enables us to experience the silent inner reality of our consciousness – the quiet centre of our being that is joy, love and peace. Because consciousness is in the timeless present, it is unaffected by all events.

Meditation is a state of well-being which communicates itself in our activities, habits, behaviour, relationships and our work. When awareness grows away from troubled thoughts, anger begins to dissolve and when anger dissolves there is peace. When hate disappears, love arises. When envy and jealously disappear, deep friendship with everything appears.

Meditation is the Highest Experience of Happiness. It can’t be created by technology, it can’t be bought or produced by drugs. •