EDITION: June - August 2013

Change offers opportunities

By Lua Gómez Moya
We all share the need to find our path in the labyrinth of life as we strive to achieve success in these variable times.

We generally tend to be fearful of change due to the unknown, but when we take a look at a few real cases we can observe how change actually brings with it new opportunities that can lead us to success.

Cases like the one of Fina and Cristina, both from Ibiza and directors of the textile business StarHome, can serve as an example due to their trajectory and changes in their careers. Fina, who created this business, and her daughter, have gone through various phases in which they have had to make decisions and face change. “Times change and at the end of the day the circumstances dictate the way forward” says Fina, while she answers a phone that is ringing off the hook.

Fina started her career in the textile world. At that time she was managing a clothes shop, while Cristina played children’s games in the square; this activity lasted 20 years. When things changed in the society around her, Fina took on a new adventure, remaining flexible with the times and demand – in this case, with an activity that emerged from one of her biggest passions: flowers. She continued her career at a flower shop that she captained for another 20 years with huge success, until demand changed again and, as she herself says... “there are so many things that can be done...” And that is absolutely true... There are so many services to offer, so many possibilities, that our only stopper once again is that disconcerting fear of change.

The textile world that Fina came from once again captured her attention towards a new career which has taken her to direct, for 7 years now, StarHome, a wholesale shop that offers a clothes selling service for restaurants, hotels, etc... whom she and her daughter supply with their own brand. They provide all sorts of bedclothes, tableware, towels and large amounts of textiles, dressing amongst others some of the most luxurious houses in Ibiza.
Motivation is essential when it comes to paying attention to all the details, and that is how their love for their work and boldness in going forth have been the key to look at things with perspective, thus finding the opportunity of offering a service that adapts to clients’ demands, maintaining a constant stock both in high season and throughout the rest of the year.
“Changes bring about opportunities”. That is why Fina and Cristina have decided to observe, activate and re-invent themselves. They have their own production plant and will soon be able to attend orders online. They are keen to advance, and so they do!

According to some research, a person will change their career 5 or maybe 6 times in a lifetime, searching for answers to an important question: what risks am I prepared to run in order to achieve my aims? This is a thought process that must happen by letting go of all insecurities, in order to discover what it is we enjoy doing. Passion brings with it the awareness of what we really want, and we must not let this pass us by because we feel incapable. Being aware of our “passionate vocation” will lead us to a change that, as in Fina and Cristina’s case, will bring us closer to our path towards success. Who would not be much happier working in an activity that we are passionate about? •