EDITION: April - June 2013

The INHANDLE method: Fusion gymnastics

By Caroline Deknuydt
Caroline Deknuydt has lived in Ibiza for almost 10 years. She arrived in 2004 by chance, and then never left: “Ibiza is a door to the world, sometimes difficult to open… but the energy is so vivid and direct, we all came here to learn something... and grow!”
A former gymnast, and having practiced many sports, she became a gymnastics teacher in 1995. Firstly in fitness, bodybuilding and rehabilitation, she studied the emotional impact on the body and its health, and then specialized in therapeutic individual coaching.

This year her first book will be released, a manuel about therapeutic gymnastics: “The INHANDLE method”, in French as a first step. She passionately wanted to convey this message: “Take care of your body, it’s your best friend! This is not rocket science!”

“I want to help all those who want to help themselves. Feeling pain in the back, spine, knee, shoulder, belly or head, sleeping little or badly, accumulating stress, being sick in the winter and crushed by the heat in the summer... can be avoided! We must react! Life is hard enough without having to endure a body that feels like a burden! The problem lies in a lack of knowledge of the body. By understanding why it hurts and having access to adequate exercises to relieve the pain, we can at least make pain more tolerable and, in the best case scenario, do away with it completely.”

Caroline encourages us to see things differently, to take charge without any further delay in order to live better, healthier lives. It is within the reach of everyone, there is no need to be rich and famous to take care of one’s health! “And don’t tell me it’s because of the crisis, because eating less rubbish, doing some stretching and breathing better, are all free!”

Caroline sighs: “It is not easy to help people against their will, or to change bad habits. We have been taught to react by going the doctor for everything, taking pills, etc.”

Her courses are intended for all, man, woman, child, elderly person, because the exercises are gentle, without any risk of injury. The change is fast, and the relief is immediate. The idea is to get rid of bad habits that cause tensions, and then prepare the body to be more flexible, strong and useful for our everyday life. “We are not talking here about muscle-building or suffering through huge efforts, but of repairing the body gently and understanding what is going on within it...”

The same applies to food, alcohol and cigarettes... “When one becomes aware of the damage caused by these substances to the body, habits can be changed... at least the very worse ones... to relieve the organs, feel freer in our body and have more energy available. Without going fully organic with our food, which would of course be ideal, at least try to remove sugars and saturated fats, and rediscover true flavours! Eat to be healthy and not to fill yourself or compensate... while always trying to understand... “

For almost 20 years, Caroline reviewed simple and spontaneous movements for the benefit of the people attending her courses: “Over time, key exercises have emerged, as I saw how quickly they were assimilated and the benefits they bring. It is not necessary to be flexible from the start, or to already practice a physical activity. On the contrary, a beginner’s body is much more malleable than a sporty body...”

There are different trends and methods drawn into the INHANDLE method, which is somehow a fusion of gymnastics and therapy: “Throughout my experience, I confronted my ideas with those that already exist in different holistic therapies. The exercises that I propose are inspired indirectly from physiotherapy, osteopathy, Chinese medicine, yoga and many sports, and also from the intuitive behavior of human beings.

The INHANDLE method works primarily with the belly and breathing, with growing the spine and stretching. The exercises are fun and enjoyable. For sure, after a class you will leave feeling “brand new and full of energy! In good spirits and with a body that is ready for anything, so that we may live better and longer!”... This is her motto! •