EDITION: December 2012 - February 2013

A look back on our year...

Texto: Catherine Whitham

As 2012 draws to a close, and ibiCASA celebrates 10 years in circulation, we get to delightedly reflect on another very fulfilling year. So much more than just a real estate and decoration magazine, we find that publishing articles celebrating the diversity of this wonderful island is what really makes us tick editorially. As such, IbiCASA has for many years prided itself on bringing you the latest developments in many areas of health, wellbeing, art, business and culture. Not to mention continuing to shine a spotlight on the very places, people and things that make our island the imitable place that it is.

With so many exciting articles already planned for 2013, we are greatly looking forward to another year of diverse reporting, and wish our readers a very happy holiday season and prosperous new year meantime.


Finally, by way of celebration, here follows a list of our articles of 2012. Don’t worry if you missed them the first time round, as all articles ever published in ibiCASA are available for viewing online at www.ibicasa.com – to access them, just click on ‘Previous Articles’ at the top of the right-hand-side column of the home page.

51st edition – 15th February to 15th April
Advice when selling a property 
Dynamic legal duo, Armin Gutschick and Anja Sämann-Gutschick, of ‘Ibiza Legal’ offer invaluable pre-emptive advice designed to ease the sometimes overwhelming and worrisome process of selling a home.
The mysteries of 2012
Exploring the fact that December 21, 2012, represents the centre point of a range of years in which the potential for a great transformation exists; meaning that the energy surrounding 2012 could be just the catalyst that inspires us to choose a more enlightened path in our quest for a better world. 
Home is where the heart is  
Outlining the innovative work of local interior designer Gabriela Düker of ‘Home in You’ – who swears by an altogether more holistic approach to crafting the perfect home.
The answer is you
“Heaven is not a place… It is a state of consciousness” and we have the power to create that heavenly consciousness right here and right now. This article highlights the question of where do we start? Revealing that the answer is with you…
Waste not, want not
For the bargain hunters amongst us, this article celebrates society’s growing penchant for 2nd hand goods exchange; nowhere more so than here in Ibiza… No longer a social taboo, but, on the contrary, now part of a thoroughly encouraged and credible culture. The article also provides handy local listings of 2nd hand outlets in Ibiza.

52nd edition – 15th April to 15th June
Volumes under the sun
Construction and architecture company, Dita Building, takes a fascinating look at minimalist architecture and its history; pinpointing how closely its roots in fact lie in traditional design, both here and abroad.
Rental laws in Spain
‘Ibiza Legal’ partnership, Armin Gutschick and Anja Sämann-Gutschick, provide a welcome and straightforward summary of rental legislation for landlords and tenants alike.
The magic of lighting
Invaluable pointers for the wannabe interior designers amongst us, on how best to optimise on the often overlooked tool of using well thought-out lighting to dramatically enhance our homes and work spaces.
Inner cleansing
If you’re looking for an alternative way to protect and maintain your health, this may be just the thing. An interview with Anne Marie Petash of ‘Hydrocolonic Ibiza’ highlights the surprisingly long and successful history of colonic hydrotherapy and its undeniably enduring positive effects on our health.
The story behind…Cala Leña market
An interview with charismatic Cala Leña market host, Theo Kopp, recounting the heartwarming story behind his creation of this ever expanding weekly phenomenon.
The fairy dog mother
For the animal lovers amongst us, an opportunity to read the inspirational story of a dog loving expat, “Doggy Lyn”, who arrived in 1964, and 47 years on, still dedicates her life to her ongoing brood of 80 rescue dogs.

53rd edition – 15th June to 15th August
Taxes and properties on the Balearic Islands
An indispensable guide for anyone considering buying or selling property in the Balearics: ‘Ibiza Legal’ partnership, Armin Gutschick and Anja Sämann-Gutschick, highlight relevant recent changes to tax and properties laws.
Decorating your home, inside and out
A double-pronged trip to ‘Il Giardinetto Casa’ for fabrics and furnishings, and partnership business, ‘Toldos Santa Eulalia’, for outside awnings and exterior design, will have your home positively beaming from the inside out. This article not only recounts the story of two renowned businesses on the island, but will also leave you with some inspirational design tips up your sleeve.
Integrative medicine
Interested in finding just the right balance of alternative and orthodox medicine in your life, but don’t know where to start? This interview with local private doctor, Dr. Marja van Engelen, will help to start you safely on a more integrative course in life; recognising that both traditional and non-traditional healing have a place in modern day society.
Beach Funk hits Ibiza
Originally born and bred here, musician Miles Winter Roberts has decided to return to Ibiza full-time, bringing with him his Beach Funk. A heartening story of growing up in Ibiza, a lucrative pop career in Germany, brushing shoulders with the musical greats in London, and the inevitable pull back to his homeland: Ibiza.
Starting a business in Spain
Calling all entrepreneurs. Business and accounting consultancy firm, Doornbos & Cheema, have compiled an insightful step-by-step guide to help you get your company’s ball rolling; including all the different legal and taxation information worth pondering before you set out on your new venture.
Horse shows with a difference
Through the eyes of renowned international singer, Yasmine Issola, we tell the story of the immense healing power of horses, and the inspiration behind a collaboration between herself and local horse trainer, Bruno. Together, they bring us a unique show combining the striking grace of a black stallion and Yasmine’s powerfully evocative vocal soundtrack.

54th edition – 15th August to 15th October
Luxury in design
As we explore Dita Building’s new project – DITA Estate – Diederik van Maren reveals the very latest list in what is considered ‘luxury’ in architecture and design. With 12 uniquely sculpted luxury villas – reasonably priced and all set within a walled community with 24 hour security – this article may have you reaching for your cheque books… or at least dreaming you could.
Namaste & World Family Ibiza
Never shy to delve into the history of legendary establishments on the island, Namaste at Las Dalias seemed an obvious next port of call for IbiCASA. A meet with the organisers sheds light on the immense amount of work, love, creativity and family value that has been ploughed into these weekly revelries, for a very many years.
Advice in purchasing newly-built homes
With new-builds being all the rage -- often with good reason -- ‘Ibiza Legal’ partnership, Armin Gutschick and Anja Sämann-Gutschick, advise on the most important points to consider when entering into negotiations over these in vogue properties.
Renewable Energy
Ever wondered what all the fuss about renewable energy and being