EDITION 116: April - June 2023

Get Fit and Have Fun

By Jerome Allen

Being blessed with blue skies and sunshine almost every day makes Ibiza the perfect place to be physically active. Whether your inclination is for long walks through the beautiful countryside, strolling on beaches, or pushing yourself to be stronger, Ibiza has plenty of active pursuits to choose from. Hopefully you will find inspiration from the activities offered below to get fit, enjoy Ibiza and feel great!

“Ibiza is the perfect place to stay fit all year”


Walking in Ibiza combines great exercise with the tranquillity of being in nature. You’ll find groups both on Facebook and on the internet that offer guided walks with routes of varying levels of difficulty, including family friendly ones. Not only are these excursions a super way to be active and enjoy the beauty of the island, but you can also meet interesting new people.