EDITION: December 2022 - February 2023

Art as Love & Medicine

By Jerry Brownstein
Mikki Funk’s uniquely exciting fine art can be found in exclusive collections throughout the world, and now it is being exhibited at her Artist Residency “Can Yes Wow” here on Ibiza. That kind of success would be more than enough for most artists, but not for Mikki. She is passionate about continually evolving her art to make it relevant in all areas of life. This has spurred her to create a veritable kaleidoscope of artistic expression. It features a series of books that she has published, which reveal the varied dimensions of love, and the power of art to heal. Mikki also hosts dynamic retreats, workshops and online courses that show us how to bring more joy and fulfilment into our lives. The Circle of Creation, Yoga Dance Ceremonies, and 21 Days of Self Love are just some of the transformative events that she hosts. All of these endeavours are infused with Mikki’s boundless exuberance, and her desire to explore the power of art to touch us on the deepest levels. 

Mikki was born in the Soviet Union, but her parents moved to Germany when she was just three years old, so that is where she grew up. Mikki was naturally artistic as a child, and her talent began to blossom in Art School. Soon after graduation, the special quality of her work began to be recognized, and she became a rising star in the art world. This gave her the opportunity to explore other avenues of creativity including film production. It must have been incredibly exciting for such a young woman to be swept up in the whirlwind of success. Yet there was still an emptiness within her that needed to be satisfied. 

This led to Mikki’s exploration of self love in her first book, “Yes Wow!”, which includes original sketches that give form to the feelings and revelations that she shares with the readers. Mikki says that the book was inspired by contemplating a simple question: “I asked myself, how would I live my life if I truly loved myself?”. The writing of “Yes Wow!” provoked a profound awakening in Mikki’s consciousness. It was the beginning of a general theme that would guide her creative spirit, and it goes something like this: True art comes from the heart; and all true healing comes from the love that emanates from the heart. So it makes sense that art has the inherent power to bring forth the love that can heal us mentally, physically and emotionally... YES WOW!

The next step for Mikki was finding a place to live that was in synch with this new path that her life was taking. She first visited Ibiza in 2009, and like so many of us, immediately fell in love with the island. She moved here permanently in 2012, and has never looked back. "I am so nurtured by this earth, the colour, the wind, and the juiciness! I'm so happy and honoured that I'm allowed to live here." Living on Ibiza opened the space for new insights and introspection, which led to the creation of a transformative card game called “I AM”. It’s a fascinating tool that playfully reveals new perspectives on situations that might be weighing you down. The cards echo the ancient wisdom of the Tarot and I Ching, but with a light touch that is relevant to modern life.

Mikki’s journey of discovery continued to evolve as she dove head first into the topic of her next book: “True Love”. This is a fairy tale for adults and children, in which a little princess discovers that true love always starts within us. It features illustrations by Mikki that evoke the essence and depth of love that is real. This confluence of art, love and healing continued to take shape, and it really came together in her latest book, “Art Medicine” which will be published in 2023. Here Mikki clarifies and refines her vision of how all areas of artistic expression have the potential to promote healing and happiness through writing, art, music, dance, yoga, et al.

The many insights that Mikki has acquired throughout the years are reflected in the amazing collection of her paintings that is currently being shown at her Artist Residency. Fine art was her first “true love”, and that enduring talent continues to shine ever more brightly in her work. Visit Mikki at the exhibition, and be ready for an enchanting experience that is sure to fill you with wonder. You might just find yourself bringing some of that wonder back home with you, by purchasing a painting or customized prints of Mikki’s spectacular pieces.

Prints can be ordered directly by email at: [email protected] 
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