EDITION: October - December 2022


By Jerry Brownstein
Here is a situation that is familiar to many of us who live on Ibiza: It’s one of those nights when, after a great dinner with friends, you feel like going out to continue the good times. But where can we go to get into the real flow of Ibiza - to experience that marvellous feeling of freedom, fun and funk that makes this island so special? For many years the answer to that question has been Teatro... and these days it’s a better answer than ever.

Teatro Ibiza is the modernized successor to the iconic Teatro Pereyra which was forced to close in 2018 after 30 years of offering live music every night.
The Pereyra was founded by the pianist and composer Eric-Jan Harmsen, along with his wife Kees who was the “heart and soul” of the venture. They were later joined by their son Jan Willem (Juangui), and together they managed the old Teatro. Their commitment to high quality live music in a joyous atmosphere is what made it so unique and beloved. Now Juangui has brought that same special energy to the new Teatro Ibiza. 

It’s a beautiful venue that is perfectly designed to give customers the experience of being “right there” with the music. The open stage is close to the people, and this direct connection with the musicians helps to create that magical “Teatro Feeling”. The club is open from 20:00 to 4:00 am, Wednesday through Saturday all year round. The live music starts around 23:30, but on many nights there are also special concerts that take the stage earlier in the evening. The heart of the show is the amazing house band, the Groove Machine, who electrify the room with an eclectic combination of rock, funk, soul and more. Your head will be bobbing, your feet tapping and your body swaying to the rhythms. If the spirit moves you there is plenty of room to dance. As the nights unfold they are spiced with guest performances by local bands and international stars. Teatro also celebrates special evenings dedicated to Blues, Jazz, Flamenco and more. One of the featured events is the annual Jazz Point Festival that takes place in October. There is even a stand-up comedy night in the winter season. 

Throughout human history music has had the power to bring us together by lifting our spirits, and this is what you feel at Teatro Ibiza.
You are part of a diversified crowd that is mostly local residents, or people who are regular visitors to the island. These “people of Ibiza” all have two things in common: their love of musical live entertainment, and the desire to have a great night out in a unique atmosphere. Juangui says that his favourite part of running Teatro is, “To see the people enjoying themselves; happy, feeling free, dancing, meeting new friends and feeling at home.” From the moment that Teatro Ibiza opened it was rocking with that feeling... and then Covid came. They were forced to close for almost two years due to the restrictions, but now it’s back and better than ever. 

Juangui is thankful for all the people who kept Teatro in their hearts through those difficult times, and then flocked to return as soon as the doors were reopened. He also appreciates the Hotel El Puerto, for their support in helping him to realize his “Teatro Dream”. That dream was to keep the flame of live music burning brightly in the very heart of Ibiza Town, and it has become a beautiful reality at Teatro Ibiza.

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