EDITION: August - October 2022

JAZZ POINT IBIZA 2022 - The Beat Goes On

By Jerry Brownstein
Jazz Point Ibiza is once again bringing some of the biggest names on the international Jazz scene to perform here on Ibiza. The Festival will run from 13th October through 16th, with the two main events on the evenings of Friday the 14th and Saturday the 15th at Teatro Ibiza. The festive mood will begin on Thursday 13th October at world famous Pikes Ibiza, with an elegant musical dinner party featuring the five piece ensemble ‘Leïla Duclos & Friends’ (reservations only). Leïla is a rising star in the world of vocal jazz with a spellbinding voice that is both soft and deep. She is also a modern master of ‘scat’ – the signature genius of Ella Fitzgerald. The ‘Friends’ who will play with Leïla are all noted international professionals: Gilles Cocquard on bass, Jean-My Truong on drums, Antonio Figura on keyboard, and Dr David Schroeder on woodwinds. Dr Schroeder is a poly-instrumentalist who is also the Chair of the Department of Music and Performing Arts at New York University.

Teatro Ibiza is the perfect venue for hosting the two main evenings of the Festival on Friday and Saturday. It is the modernized successor to the iconic Teatro Pereyra which was forced to close in 2018 after 30 years of offering live music every night. This commitment to high quality live music is what made the Pereyra so unique and so special. It was founded by the pianist and composer Eric-Jan Harmsen, who was later joined by his son Juangui Harmsen. Together they managed the old Teatro, and now Juangui has brought that same special energy to the new Teatro Ibiza. 

On Friday 14/10 at 21:00, the Jesse van Ruller Quintet will kick off an amazing weekend of first class jazz at Teatro. Jesse (from the Netherlands) is a master guitarist who has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Thelonious Monk Prize. He has played with many of the world’s jazz greats, and has put together this star-studded international band to enhance his special style. It includes Dutch saxophonist Tineke Postma, who tours throughout the world as both the leader of her own group, and a featured guest as she is here. She was named European Musician of the Year 2020 by the Académie du Jazz of France. Bassist Manel Fortià from Barcelona has garnered praise for his “melodic sense, rhythmic precision and creativity that have made him one of the most unique and original musicians of the new generation.” Marc Miralta on drums and the bass clarinet of Joris Roelofs round out this stellar group.

The following night the Félix Rossy Sextet brings a unique sound that is keyed by Félix on the trumpet. Félix was a prodigy who at 17 was playing at the highest level, and his legend continues to evolve. This eclectic group of international stars includes Enrique Oliver on saxophone, who has performed at the most important jazz festivals in Spain and around the world. Toni Saigi on keyboards is one of the most sought-after pianists on the Barcelona jazz scene. Tomeu Garcías adds the mellow sound of the trombone to this group, and world-class drummer Andreu Pitarch keeps the beat and sets the tone along with talented bassist Ben Tiberio.

In addition to these blockbusting shows, some of the star performers will be giving “Master Classes” for local musicians at Can Ventosa on Saturday 15/10 from 12:00. These will be open sessions where the musical masters will share their wealth of knowledge about jazz and the art of performing at the highest level. The Festival’s final event will be a Concert, at noon on Sunday 16/10, at the Conservatori Catalina Bufí in Ibiza Town. It will begin with two of the international headliners from Thursday night - David Schroeder and Antonio Figura.

This dynamic duo will be followed by the Muriel Grossmann Quartet who will be joined on stage by Alina Bzhezhinska (Poland) on harp for a transcending musical experience. "Bzhezhinska is a one of the world’s most innovative international harpists." Saxophonist & composer Muriel Grossmann is one of the leading lights of live music here on Ibiza. Among her many awards was her album 'Golden Rule' which was voted “Best Jazz Album of the Year 2018” by UK Vibe.

David Moss and Adam Lenox of the Ibiza Music Agency work together with Joel Chriss Productions in New York to create these annual Jazz Point Ibiza Festivals. They are dedicated to making our island an important part of the international jazz scene. Ibiza is a natural place for this, as it is in perfect synch with the essence of jazz - the freedom to create special music with spontaneous improvisation. This sounds a lot like the “people of Ibiza” who have come here for the freedom to express themselves in unconventional ways. Jazz and Ibiza - a match made in Heaven.

For tickets and more information visit: www.IbizaMusicAgency.com 

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