EDITION: February - April 2022

The Answer is You

By Jerry Brownstein
In these strange times there is a feeling of uncertainty that is reverberating throughout every area of our society. The restrictions imposed on us because of Covid have threatened our freedoms, and given our governments more power than most people are comfortable with. Billionaires have tripled their wealth while workers and small business have suffered. Something is wrong, and this crisis has made us more aware of the two very different energies that are competing for the soul of our planet. On one side there are the entrenched power structures of our existing world who are fighting to preserve and increase their control over us. On the other side are those of us who can use this crisis to make changes that move us towards our highest potential. What is that highest potential? Imagine a world that is inspired by an evolved consciousness – a world where love, joy, beauty, kindness, compassion and abundance are the guiding principles. That is the Heaven on Earth which most people yearn for, and the only way for that to become a reality is by raising our collective consciousness. But how can we accomplish such a radical transformation and where does it all start?

It starts with us… you and me. In order to transform the consciousness of the planet we must first go within to transform ourselves… go within to discover the wisdom and goodness that dwells within our hearts. Once we have uncovered this inner light we then need to bring it into the world so that it shines brightly through our words, our actions, and our very presence. Living at this higher level of awareness we become an inspiration for others to follow the same path, and when a critical mass of humanity has awakened to their higher consciousness the world will be transformed. There is a wonderful analogy in Nature for this type of transformation: the metamorphosis of the humble caterpillar. In its short life a caterpillar does nothing but eat and eventually it gets so bloated that all it can do is hang upside down from the nearest branch. There it encases itself inside of a cocoon and literally starts to die… but then something extraordinary happens. Amid the chaos of the caterpillar’s decaying body a completely new type of cell emerges. Biologists call these Imaginal Cells because they carry within them the information to create something entirely different. As the caterpillar continues to decompose these new cells multiply and cluster together to orchestrate the creation of a completely new organism – the graceful and beautiful butterfly.  

In these exciting times we are being urged to become the imaginal cells of our society… to have the imagination and intention to see ourselves and our world as something uniquely beautiful. Every day more and more of us are awakening to the possibility that we can rise above the limiting perceptions that we have inherited from others. We are becoming aware that we are free to choose the way that we live – free to make conscious choices rather than be ruled by unconscious reactions. How does this work in everyday life? Try this the next time you are locked into a difference of opinion with somebody. Instead of going on and on trying to prove your point just stop and ask yourself: “Would I rather be right or happy?”. The correct answer is always “happy”, and when you make that choice the argument that you were having suddenly doesn’t seem so important anymore. This is just one of the many examples of how we can consciously choose to bring our inner light into the world. 

As we raise our awareness in this way we gravitate toward others who are evolving in the same direction. Just as the imaginal cells clustered together to create beauty from decay, so too can we create a society of awakened souls with the power to transform our world. Try to envision the Heaven on Earth that we spoke of before – a beautiful world filled with people who are guided by their true nature of love and compassion. Could there be famine in such a world? War? Greed? Racism? Violence? Injustice? Of course not. You see, “Heaven is not a place… it is a state of consciousness” and we have the power to create that heavenly consciousness right here and right now. It has been said that every crisis brings opportunity, so the question is where do we start?... and the answer is with You.