EDITION: February - April 2022

PRESTIGE PROPERTIES - A Tradition of Trust

By Jerome Allen
The key to a successful business is to understand what your customers will want, and then create a process that will deliver it to them in a way that is efficient, caring and stress-free. Pascale Dufournier has been doing this at Prestige Properties since the day she founded the company in 1983. This emphasis on caring for the clients – both buyers and sellers – has made Prestige one of Ibiza’s leading real estate agencies for decades. They specialise in luxury properties, and offer a full range of services that includes sales, rentals, listing and marketing. The company’s well-earned reputation for personalised attention and integrity has always been a direct reflection of the woman who is its heart and soul.

Pascale is a native Parisian who as a young woman followed her dreams by coming to Ibiza in 1976. Her passion for architecture, design and elegance led to a career in real estate, and it has been a perfect match. Throughout the years Pascale has earned respect for the professionalism and style that she brings to her business and to her life. These values have become the core of the company she created, and they are enhanced by her love of Ibiza. "I feel immensely fortunate to have been able to spend my life on this special island and surround myself daily with the most stunning properties, scenery and people. Prestige has never been work to me, it has been my family - to nurture and guide through the hard times and the good.” The agency that she founded continues to grow by adding a new generation to the ‘family’ that will see Prestige into the future.

Leading this new wave is Victor Van den Driessche who joined Prestige in 2009, and since 2014 has been the sales director and a partner. He was born and raised on Ibiza, and went to school in Paris where he earned a degree in economics. Before returning to the island Victor spent three years in Madrid working for the French multinational luxury conglomerate LVMH. This wealth of business experience, blended with his strong connection to Ibiza, have made Victor an extremely valuable addition to the Prestige team. When asked about what makes it such a special company, he says: "The mix of experiences, our strong ethics, our love for the Island and our long term vision of the special relationship between the company and our clients". 
Prestige offers to home buyers a large selection of the most sought-after properties in Ibiza, along with a multilingual staff of experienced professionals to guide and advise them through every step of the purchasing process. Their goal is to help you find the perfect home that matches your needs, lifestyle and budget, but without headaches or wasted time. On the other side of the transaction, people who sell their homes through Prestige have peace of mind knowing that their property will receive tailored and personalised attention as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. The Prestige team makes sure that every home is displayed in its best light, and that it is shown to the most appropriate potential buyers. This is the formula that has given Prestige their reputation for selling houses at the best price, within a desired time frame and with a minimum of stress. 

There is one other aspect of this company that sets them apart. Pascale has infused the staff with her love of Ibiza, and they are keenly aware of how fortunate we all are to live in this idyllic place with its exceptional beauty. They are also aware that the growth of tourism threatens our natural paradise, and that we must all do our part in protecting it. Prestige takes this responsibility seriously, and strives to be a role model of sustainability. They actively collaborate with local community and environmental organisations, and part of every commission for sale or rental is donated to the Ibiza Preservation Fund to support their wonderful work in protecting our natural heritage. Prestige also promotes the awareness of sustainable "green living" housing solutions, healthy outdoor activities, honouring the island’s traditions and supporting local businesses. In addition, they make regular contributions to local charities that focus on social
equality. Pascale, Victor and the Prestige family are committed to being more than just a business, and they encourage their clients and collaborators to join them in embracing the spirit of “Going Green & Giving Back”.