EDITION: October - December 2021

Restore your Body and Mind

By Jerry Brownstein
Many of the expats who have come to Ibiza over the years have interesting stories about what led them to this special island. In most cases they were attracted to the energy of freedom that called them to change their life. They were inspired to come to this place where they would not be restricted by who they were... so that they could choose to be who they really are. Marrejan Oepkes has one of those stories, as she has followed a long and winding road of personal adventure that led her to become a yoga teacher and soul coach at the age of 60. Years of study, training and life experience have come together to create the very special energy that she shares in her ‘Body Mind Restore’ yoga classes.

Marrejan was born in Amsterdam, and from the age of twelve she visited Ibiza every summer with her parents. By the time she was 20 her dream of living on the island came true as she became a fashion designer with a boutique on Ibiza. Over the years she continued to find new and exciting challenges including travelling around the world on a sailing ship - seeking the freedom of a life without boundaries whilst working in several countries and home-schooling her son. On her return to Ibiza she managed several businesses, but her heart was telling her to find a deeper path.She followed that spark of intuition to connect with mindfulness and the philosophy of Yoga which transformed her life.

Practicing these teachings for many years gave Marrejan powerful therapeutic techniques that she combines with her life experience to create the unique yoga experience of “Body Mind Restore”. Her classes are crafted with love and attention to detail. The pace is slow and deep as it is based on the Yin Yoga principle that balances stretching with strength. The music and the poses flow together as your hips, shoulders and torso gently open and strengthen without excess strain. Marrejan gives individual attention when needed and allows each person to progress at their own speed. All ages and levels of practice are welcome in her classes which are particularly beneficial for those who want to rejuvenate their body and mind.

In her years of work with yoga retreats, Marrejan noticed that many clients over 50 felt that their age was a heavy burden that kept them from feeling fully alive. She was inspired to help restore these women and men to lives filled with passion and physical confidence. By sharing with them the ‘magic’ of Restorative Yoga, healthy living choices and mindfulness, she could show them that beauty and bliss are possible at any age. This aspect of “Body Mind Restore” is a loving message that says: Let me help you to shine your light again in body & soul, because that light never left you... but maybe it’s hidden under a layer of dust. Being a ‘senior teacher’ gives Marrejan’s older clients a feeling of comfort, and it allows the younger ones to benefit from her wealth of life experience. Her personal path is a wonderful example of everything that she shares in her teachings, and it is encapsulated in this quote: “I was looking for someone to inspire me, motivate me, support me, cherish me, make me happy, and then I realized that all along I was looking for myself.”