EDITION: December 2020 - February 2021

Make your home cosy for Winter

By Susanne Schmidt
The long hot days of summer are far behind us, and the cooler weather means that we will be spending much of our time indoors. It is the season to make our homes warm and inviting, so that we can enjoy the longer nights in style and comfort. The best way to transform your house or apartment into a cosy and beautiful environment for winter is with carpets, curtains, blankets and other special accessories.

“Carpets and rugs bring
warmth and style in the Winter”

We love the tiled floors that keep our feet cool in the summer, but now it’s time to roll out carpets that are soft and warm. For large areas the classic wool carpet in various shades of beige, gray and natural can be made to measure, with a maximum width of four meters and any desired length. Particularly beautiful for winter are virgin wool felted carpets that are specifically designed for indoor use. Large carpets are of course available in a wide variety of other materials to fit your design and living preferences. These include wool mixes, bamboo, viscose (rayon) and 100% PET (an ecological alternative made from recycled plastic). As with all aspects of winter decoration, it is helpful to blend shades of warm colours (red, yellow and orange) with basic neutral colours to create a cosy ambient feeling.

Area rugs are perfect for smaller areas and under beds. They are also very convenient as you can easily roll them up for storage when the summer arrives. Area rugs are available in standard sizes that range from 80 x 150 cm to 280 x 360 cm. They come in an endless array of colours, designs and materials, from simple one-colour rugs to graphic patterns, floral designs, stripes, colour gradients and more. Hand-woven kilim rugs (also called flatweave) can add a touch of art to your floors, and opulent patterns by famous designers like Christian Lacroix and Pierre Frey are also available.

Curtains can be very helpful in keeping your home warmer in winter. Using a heavy decorative curtain to close drafty passages, corridors and entrance doors can keep the cold out while adding a classic design touch. When the weather gets warmer they can simply be taken off and stored away. Large window panes are also a source of cold air, so a thick curtain can help to insulate the room. One way to stop cold air from coming through the bottom of doorways is by using a “sleeping dog”. This is a roll of thick fabric that is filled with sand, fabric scraps or other insulating material, and it can be specially made to fit your dimensions and style.

The use of animal skins and fur to keep warm goes back to our cave dwelling ancestors, and today these are available as bedspreads, blankets, throws and rugs. However, many people are understandably averse to the production of animal fur, so there is the option of using artificial fur. It feels like real fur and comes in a variety of natural looks such as Tibetan lamb, fox, rabbit, etc.. Artificial fur is also much easier to clean and maintain.

We are lucky that here on Ibiza the winter still offers many sunny afternoons and evenings when it is warm enough to sit out on our terraces. Carpets that are specially made for outdoor use are easy to maintain as they are resistant to the sun and moisture. When placed in your outdoor sitting or dining areas they keep the ground under your feet warmer and more comfortable. In addition, your seats can have insulated cushions, and an extra blanket allows you to cover your legs if it gets too chilly. Blankets in standard dimensions made of merino wool, lamb’s wool or cashmere are perfect for this. It’s another way to enjoy the winter with warmth, beauty and style.