EDITION: December 2020 - February 2021

ZAN Ibiza Real Estate: Making Dreams Come True

By Jerome Allen
There is an old saying that, “If you do what you love, then you will never work another day in your life.” The gist is that if you find an occupation that feels good, and is in synch with your talents, then your ‘work’ becomes a joyous expression of your true essence. Lars and Tanja of ZAN Real Estate in Santa Gertrudis have found that ‘sweet spot’ by combining their love for Ibiza with the ability to help others to realize their dreams of living here.

The story of how they came to this place in their lives begins in their home country of Denmark, where Tanja was an international model and Lars a film director shooting videos and commercials all over Europe. They moved in similar social circles, but had never actually met until being introduced at a party in 2000... sparks flew and the relationship took off. By 2004 they were ready to settle down from their high flying careers and decided to move to Ibiza. Like so many expats who have come to live on our beautiful island, they had fallen in love with the spirit of Ibiza. That spirit which gives you the freedom to be who you really are; invites you to be part of a mixture of interesting people from different cultures; and creates the communal feeling of knowing that we have all chosen to be together in this special place.

During the first years after moving here Tanja gave birth to their two children, and Lars started a company called Ibiza Pictures. In addition to doing some of his own productions, the company helped many foreign film and video producers to organize their shooting on the island. As part of that work Lars became familiar with numerous properties and locations all over Ibiza, and it was natural that some of his filming clients would ask him for help when looking to buy homes here. Lars came to realize that he had a gift for sensing what they needed, and that was the seed which eventually grew into ZAN Real Estate (the name derives from the first letters of their children’s names: Zeelas and Nika >> ZAN).

“Lars and Tanja can sense what clients
want to experience in their new home”

The business officially opened in 2008, and it has grown consistently throughout the years. Much of that success is based on the ability of Lars and Tanja to listen to the needs of their clients in a truly intuitive way. They have a rare talent for being able to sense the feelings that people are hoping to experience in their new home. With this as their guide, they use their taste and experience to find the perfect property that will fulfil the client’s desires. In some cases that means having an eye for how a certain property can be renovated, moulded or decorated to fit the buyer’s expectations. This is a very personal process, and it is grounded in their connection to Ibiza. Clients can feel that they are not just selling properties, but are sharing something that they truly love. This has resulted in a steady stream of willing buyers, and Lars is always looking for new properties for sale so that they have more options to match the dreams of their clients.

The business has expanded mostly through word of mouth, as satisfied clients throughout northern Europe have spread the word about how ZAN has taken care of them. That care included giving helpful recommendations about interior decoration, and this grew into a new aspect of the operation with the word “Interiors” added to the name in 2016. Just as the real estate business was a natural organic outgrowth of Lars helping people to find homes, the design business flowed from Tanja giving advice on how to make those homes more beautiful. They have developed exclusive relationships with furniture brands that are particularly suited to Ibiza, and offer a wide variety of beautiful design accessories.

Entering the ZAN office you feel an ambiance that is very much Ibiza – warm, stylish and friendly. This reflects the deep connection that Lars and Tanja have to the island. It is the place where they have chosen to sink their roots and raise their family. The ability to share this genuine love of Ibiza with their clients is a big part of what makes ZAN unique and special.