EDITION: September - November 2020

Saying Farewell with Love

By Jerome Allen
Anyone who has had a beloved pet knows the deep sadness that comes when this animal that has been such a wonderful part of your life is no longer with you. The death of a pet is the end of a relationship and it should be handled with reverence. Some people have a brief ceremony before burying their lost friend, but there is now an alternative way to honour this passing. Funeraria de Animales Ibiza y Formentera (Funeraria) provides a complete service for the care and cremation of your departed pet. Their motto is “Farewell with Love”, and they endeavour to bring that feeling to every aspect of this sacred process - on both the practical and the emotional levels. On the practical side is the management of the body with grace and efficiency. For emotional support they create an ambiance that respects your loss and helps you to participate in the process. Providing a loving passage for your pet also includes transitioning the body in a way that is compatible with our ecosystem. Cremation is the best method to accomplish this, and Funeraria has an exclusive agreement with CRESMA of Valencia – one of the leading Spanish companies in pet cremation.

Funeraria’s services begin by collecting the body of the deceased pet at your home or at the veterinary clinic. It is transported with care in their refrigerated van to the crematorium in Valencia. This is part of a freezing process that will preserve the body of your pet, so that it remains in perfect condition until the moment of cremation. The company takes care of all transfer details and documentation. You will be informed of the date and time that your pet will be cremated so that family members can attend in person or by video conference. If you cannot be there in person Funeraria will bring the ashes to you in the urn of your choice. Included in the cost of the service are three types of urns to choose from: ceramic, wooden, or biodegradable. The urns are a symbol that honours the love that you have for your departed pet. If you choose the biodegradable urn it can be buried with a seed or under a plant to promote new life.

“Let your love for your pet
be reflected in its farewell”

An important factor to take into account when considering this service is that the company has been created and managed by people who truly love animals. Roberto Contaldo is the director of Funeraria, and he is also the founder of Equi-Conciencia here on Ibiza. This is an organization that uses the sensitivity of horses to help people reach states of meditation that are healing and enlightening. Studies have shown that when people in a relaxed state are in the presence of horses, the heartbeat of both the horse and the person is synchronized in mutual coherence. This is the kind of work that Roberto and his people do, so you can see that they have a passion for animals and a deep understanding of the relationships between animals and humans.

For Roberto the extension of this passion to the founding of Funeraria was natural: “We have always lived surrounded by animals in our house in the country with dogs, cats and horses. Sharing with them made us more aware of the precious values in our lives: friendship, family, mutual company and affection.” Funeraria is dedicated to honouring the memory of those who accompanied us with patience and tenderness... in good times and not so good times... and always giving us the gift of Unconditional Love. The message is simple: Let the love that you shared with your pet be reflected in the way that you say farewell.

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