EDITION: September - November 2020

Adam+Eve: A New Concept in Fashion

By Jerome Allen
Ibiza’s cosmopolitan ambiance makes it the perfect place to experiment with exotic themes of art, fashion and lifestyle. This is the kind of artistic adventure that you will experience at the Adam+Eve concept store near Sant Josep. Ben is the owner and designer, and he has created a unique atmosphere with visual surprises everywhere that you look. The decor is an eclectic rush for the senses, yet it also feels completely comfortable and inviting. Walking around this environment is a trip through Wonderland; but you will also notice that there are inviting places to relax in quiet corners; and a wonderful café area that looks like it was imported directly from the streets of Paris; and a funky juice bar that beckons you to kick back. One can easily imagine this being the place where interesting creative people gravitate to commune with each other.  

It’s also the perfect place to display Ben’s latest collections of innovative fashion for women, men... and more. He is famous for his chic and spectacularly colourful offerings for women, and these are on full display. But Ben has also created a signature line of unisex clothing that breaks the mould of standard fashion. The insights that inspire this unique design concept are broadly hinted at in the very name of the place: it is not called Adam and Eve; it is Adam PLUS Eve. Most unisex clothing is androgynous and asexual, blurring the line between male and female. But this collection is in stark contrast to that old paradigm as it evokes the dynamic fusion of both male and female energies. You might call it a stylistic blending of Yin and Yang. Ben understands that we all have both male and female energies within us, and his clothing is created to bring out the fullness of both aspects in a way that is powerful and beautifully balanced.

Ben is from Paris where his success as a young stylist blossomed into a career organising designs at important events like the Cannes Film Festival. His talents and imagination in that area are reflected in the unique decor of Adam+Eve. At the same time he was developing his love of fashion design, culminating with the first big show of his collection in 1997. Later he added men’s clothing to his already popular women’s line. Ben’s life became an Odyssey of fashion that swirled from Paris to St. Tropez, Morocco, India and of course Ibiza. He had always loved the island and in 2006 he opened a shop here on the calle de la Virgen. It was great fun, and his BP 56 label was wildly successful, but after two years he had to close the shop. His international business had greatly expanded, so he needed to spend more time in Paris and India. In order to make sure that his creations were made with the finest quality workmanship he opened his own factory in New Delhi. It was hard work, but it paid off as each year he produced stunning collections to be shown during fashion week in Paris. Among his regular clients are Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, Naomi Campbell, Angelica Houston, Lauren Hutton, Denzel Washington, Puff Daddy, Usher and Fabienne Babe.

Yet Ibiza was always pulling on his heart to return, and thus was born Adam+Eve in 2018. Given Ben’s wide range of artistic talent, it was natural that he would create a special environment that is constantly evolving. It is a “concept store” in the sense that it has a signature identity which gives clients a unique shopping experience. In these days of internet commerce, the concept store is an excellent way to re-imagine the physical shop as more than just a place to buy things. Adam+Eve has an ambiance that cultivates the kind of experiences and inspirations that online retailers cannot possibly match. The smashing decor along with the café, bar and lounging areas make it a special place for people to hang out in an atmosphere that is stylish, hip and comfortable... and the fashions are amazing.