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EDITION: July - September 2020

Zippy Home Ibiza presents Cobra Art Gallery Ibiza

Zippy Home Ibiza offers a fresh new touch to decorate every room in your home, business or hotel.

Over 400 m2 of cheerful and vibrant furnishings, decoration accessories, lighting and now a stunning Art Gallery presenting photographs and artwork from the famous Cobra Art Company.

Mike Oudendijk has brought the Cobra Art to Ibiza in a splendid exhibition dedicated to fashionably unique, limited-edition artworks.

Zippy Home Ibiza’s “Cobra Art Gallery” promotes contemporary optimism with modern paintings, design objects, sculptures and high quality prints by renowned artists.

The Cobra Art Gallery combines beautifully with Zippy Home Ibiza overall luxury concept of selected furniture and designer accessories.

Zippy Home Ibiza is the definitive resource for interior designers, architects and other design pros, featuring groundbreaking projects.