EDITION: December 2018 - February 2019

Hope for a Brighter Future

If you get most of your information from the mainstream media then it is very easy to think that the world is in terrible shape. TV, newspapers and the internet focus our attention on negative events like the wars in Syria, Yemen, Myanmar and beyond. Every day we are told to be afraid of terrorism, [...]Read more

Ibiza’s History - Part VI: Dark Centuries after Rome

When Rome fell, the last embers of Classical Antiquity were extinguished. As the Empire broke up, its outlying lands were overrun by barbarians pressing in from the north and east. Despite Rome’s desperate attempts to retain control its western territories – Spain and the Balearics among them – were [...]Read more

What are the mortgage costs that the banks will need to repay?

There has been much talk in the press recently about the latest rulings stating that the banks should have to pay back to their customers at least part of the additional costs of setting up a mortgage. Until recently, there was a clause in the general conditions of mortgage loans that determined [...]Read more

Adjusting the limits on live music

Over the past two years the Sant Josep council has undertaken measures to control the noise level from music in its municipality. Responding to many complaints from residents, an ordinance and subsequent amendments were passed to regulate the volume of music. The regulations required all establishments [...]Read more

Water has Memory

Research from the Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgart in Germany supports the theory that water has memory - a claim that could change our way of looking at the world. These experiments were made possible through the use of a revolutionary new process that quickly makes the molecular [...]Read more

Healthy Life: Thoughtful Gifts for the Holidays

With the holidays rapidly approaching it is time to consider if the gifts that you give to your loved ones are in harmony with your personal philosophy about health & ecology. With a little imagination it is easy to find gifts which share & promote your positive lifestyle choices. It [...]Read more

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