EDITION: August - October 2019

Atzaró - The Heart of Ibiza

Over the past fifteen years Atzaró has become in many ways the very heart of Ibiza. Ibicasa is delighted to have had the opportunity to find out more about this very special place by talking with Víctor Guasch, who was instrumental in its creation.  The name Atzaró conjures up a vision [...]Read more

Iván Torres - Between tradition and modernity

At only 36 years of age, Iván Torres is already a renowned architect with a unique professional career that he has developed both on Ibiza and the mainland. He presides over the School of Architects on the island, and from his own Studio he has produced over forty buildings on Ibiza. His passion for [...]Read more

Ibiza Legal - The visit sheet

What is the point of this document, which is signed when you visit a property? In Ibiza, when a real estate agency shows a property to a possible buyer, usually a document is signed which leaves a record of this visit. This document is called a “visit sheet”, and both the real estate agent and [...]Read more

Choosing Outdoor Fabrics

Choosing the right fabrics to decorate with is always an important design decision, and it is particularly interesting when deciding about upholstery for the garden, pool and terrace areas. Here on Ibiza we spend a lot of our time outdoors, so we need to know if it is safe to leave our cushions outside [...]Read more

Deva - Swinging Sax & Sound Healing

A short summary of the life path of musician, composer and therapist Deva goes something like this: Expressing myself through the love of music to generate positive emotions in all areas of life. Born in Argentina with music in his soul, Deva has entertained countless thousands throughout South America, [...]Read more

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