EDITION: August-September '05


Daniel Zippel

A better quality life thanks to genuine micro-organisms (EM)
an opportunity for a healthy environment.

Effective micro-organisms EM are causing a worldwide sensation. The Japanese agricultural scientist Higa developed this group of 82 useful bacterias from the soil to solve urgent problems in agriculture, the environment and health. These useful bacterias are the same micro-organisms that live in symbiosis with our bodies and help us achieve an intact immune system. The micro-organisms are pioneers, busy since the beginnings of our planet converting a toxic atmosphere into the present day biosphere. After evolution, our corporate cells were formed from the micro-organisms.
The fundamental bases of the natural cycle are the micro-organisms. Man has intervened on a massive scale in this cycle. In the country, the micro-organisms have been substituted by chemical fertilizers, in addition to pesticides and herbicides. Badly smelling and full of medicine dead liquid manure, these chemical fertilizers destroy soil life and burns the roots of weak plants, which we are supposedly to live from.
We no longer have these micro-organisms, that can live in symbiosis with plants and animals, producing vitamins, enzymes, and antitoxins. Said in another way, we no longer have the essential vital substances that guarantee our health. With hygiene, we disinfect in order to kill the pathogenic germs. But these pathogenic germs have mutated, becoming resistant to our disinfectants, continuing to live and thrive.

The environment where we live is missing a protective lactic acid covering which we can acquire through the positive micro-organisms. Adding this covering would protect our living environment much like how healthy skin effectively protects itself from pathogenic germs. EM vitalizes plants so they can reject the parasites by themselves without toxic substances. The result is increases in harvest yields and quality. Healthier fruits and vegetables full of he essential substances. Organic waste can be treated with EM and used like fertilizer, making better use of nature without the offensive smells. With less investment and more benefits, EM helps us to care for and profit from the environment.
Ponds, rivers, lakes and even bays can turn clean again. EM transforms toxic sediment into innocuous compounds. Drinking water obtains, by means of a special EM-ceramic, the properties of spring water.

Applying EM for household and industrial cleaning, eliminates dirt, oil, grease, lime, etc. Dust dissolves, mites and dust allergies disappear. EM is also a very powerful stain remover and fibre restorer for rug cleaning (it also protects against new stains). EM creates a healthy environment, positively energetic and free of bad odours.
Construction materials and paints with EM-additives do not emit odours and decompose toxic substances from the interior air. Thus a stimulating climate is born. It is possible to eliminate and prevent mould; wood can be cleaned and protected for the long term. The application of EM is rewarded by incredibly simple solutions and with much better results.


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