EDICIÓN: August - October 2012

Bio-resonance – A non-agressive medicine

Text: Ariane Köhler

The key idea of bio-resonance is to activate the human body’s capacity to self-heal. It is an alternative and painless method to diagnose and cure illness, based on the fact that our organism is not only made up of particles of matter but also of specific electro-magnetic waves (frequencies).
In Ibiza, Ms Birgit Babucke has been successfully practicing treatments through bio-resonance for over 11 years. The best results are obtained with people suffering from allergies, respiratory ailments and the burnout syndrome caused by stress.

Bio-resonance was developed in 1977 by German doctor Franz Morell and electric engineer Erich Rasche, backed by the research of Dr. C. Smith from the Salford University in the UK. According to quantum mechanics (Louis de Broglie, Nobel prize in 1929), conceiving matter as a series of particles means only considering one of the aspects of reality. The other aspect is its undulating nature, which causes long-distance effects through resonance. An example: when you pluck a tuning fork in a room where there is a piano, the corresponding chord will start to vibrate.

Another extraordinary discovery is the fact that cells communicate through specific wavelengths (frequencies). When this type of communication happens without interference, we can consider a person to be healthy. Unfortunately, us human beings are subjected to a large amount of interferences in our present world: insufficient or incorrect nutrition, electronic smog, toxins in the environment, stress and an endless list of chemicals which, while they make our modern lives easier, we also pay a price for in terms of our wellbeing. Illnesses such as allergies, neurodermatitis, stomach and digestive ailments, respiratory problems and burnout through stress, to mention but a few, are part of many people’s daily lives.

For sufferers of these illnesses, which are often chronic, Ms Babucke can offer relief and cure through bio-resonance. In a first session with her patient, Ms Babucke will carry out the necessary tests using a “BIOTENSER” to analyze the symptoms. After that she programmes the BICOM machine with the appropriate frequency patterns she has determined and these are transferred to the patient. The BICOM machine transforms the frequencies that cause the illness into others that have a therapeutic effect. In this process, the simultaneous inverted conversion and the corresponding intensification of the therapeutic signal are of great importance. The signals reduce interfering energies and kick-start the self-regulatory forces of the organism. The BICOM machine is equipped with a special electronic system that converts the frequencies emitted by the therapeutic machine through a modulation mat and applies them to the patient. The frequencies then spread through all the cells, through each organ and bone and therefore produce an extraordinarily deep effect. The impulses that are sent have an absorbing or revitalizing effect, depending on the adjustments made to the machine. This process does not happen inside the machine, but instead inside the body of the patient. These vibrations have a healing effect on the organism through eradicating or reducing pathological frequencies, on the one hand, and stimulating or strengthening physiological vibrations, on the other.
Bio-resonance aims to reduce or eliminate pathological (sick) vibrations while reinforcing the physiological (healthy) vibrations of cells. According to Ms Babucke, many therapists who use bio-resonance also cooperate with allopathic or traditional medicine – in Germany, there are more than 3,000 doctors, including dentists and vets, who are aware of and appreciate the exceptional effects of bio-resonance.

This treatment is still very much unknown in Spain, but here in Ibiza Ms Babucke has been able to help in many cases that seemed desperate, through bio-resonance. She specializes, amongst other conditions, in allergies, neurodermatitis, respiratory ailments such as bronchitis or asthma, illnesses caused by mold (which is the reason behind many problems) and the burnout syndrome. “Stress is one of the most common ailments of our times, and it affects us all”, states Ms Babucke. “We demand too much of ourselves and this can cause serious illnesses. Bio-resonance helps us bring our organism back into balance.” •