EDITION: February - April 2012


Texto: Cat Weisweiller - Fotografías: MOOD by Flexform, Casalis, Ceccotti Collezioni y Limited Edition

Most property owners swear by the long-term value of enlisting a good interior designer. Budget allowing, having someone to guide you through your furniture, soft furnishings and colour scheme choices leads to a far more complete and balanced finished product.

Gabriela Düker, born in Germany but resident in Ibiza since 1999, takes this theme a stage further – seeing a successful home as being far more than just a good design concept: “The consciously explored inner harmony of an architectural space is one of the origins of overall wellbeing.” With her newly launched company, Home in You, she believes in creating home environments that allow owners to revel in their full domestic living potential by recognising that the happiest of homes are the ones that serve as a constant celebration of all that we are.

Gabriela would be best described as a ‘holistic design consultant’, offering one-off consultations through to full design support from start to completion. She herself abandoned years of corporate consultancy in finance and business in 2007, to pursue her long-stifled creative dreams full-time. Prior to this, having completed her own ambitious refurbishment project on a 350 year old finca in 2003, and following a life-time of comments about her overt interior design skills, she had embraced her calling and set out on a quest to understand every nuance and psychological influence of interior design – from lighting and colour schemes, to fabrics, to building materials, to the distribution of rooms – all of these aspects having a considerable psychological effect on the beholder.
Inspired predominantly by a principle called the ‘Psychology of Dwelling’, Gabriela will stop at nothing to create entirely functional and happy homes that, in her experience, can only be truly achieved by imprinting the owners’ souls across every inch of them. Home in You, as the name alludes to, works on the basic principle that making your perfect home comes from within. “When you walk into a person’s home – it is initially a sensual, not thinking, response you have. You respond to how the place makes you feel, before you consciously notice individual design aspects.” Each fabric, furnishing and colour used in a home serves as a reflection of who the dwellers really are and what they choose to share about themselves – so, inviting her client’s to deeper explore their needs, desires and lifestyle before embarking on the actual design, is vital to the work she does.

Another particularly crucial part of Gabriela’s input, is seamlessly aligning and blending more than one person’s visions, particularly when dealing with couples creating a home together. Gabriela, through her own experience of successful shared homes, has long been an advocate of designating both shared space and individual space within homes. So much more than just a design principle, this is widely recognised to be invaluable in fuelling longer and healthier relationships. She also points out that we are often influenced by our own unique early domestic experiences – whether this leads one person to favour a library as their sacred personal space, or another a study, she considers it very important to allow happy childhood memories forward into a long-term home. After all, our past is an integral part of who we are.

Gabriela acts as a pre-emptive buffer to any conflict along the sometimes stressful homemaking process, by pinpointing her clients’ combined and individual wishes early on – effectively, indeed nobly, taking an unspoken ‘relate’ style stance in negotiations. No textiles, materials, colours or furnishings are even touched upon until she has a clear sense of everyone’s overall needs. Gabriela then coaches her clients through what proves to be a very rewarding journey – both creatively and personally. She prefers not to be too prescriptive – instead planting the seeds and then gently allowing people the space to find their own way to their personal domestic utopia. Then, and only then, will she masterfully source and supply the house’s chosen interior assets.
They say that “home is where the heart is”, and as such, Gabriela’s absolute priority is that, when all is built and done, her clients, and their future visitors, really grasp the notion of what it is to “feel at home” – happy in the knowledge that, by opening themselves up to Gabriela’s more holistic approach, they have played a key role in securing their own unique domestic bliss.