EDITION: April - june 2011


The energy created by the Ibiza World Peace Action Festival will set the stage for the World Peace & Prayer Days in June – a multi cultural celebration of the power of positive global intention. We will welcome Lamas, shamans, tribal chiefs, and wise healers from all continents to join us on this special Island. They will lead us in sending a powerful positive message to the World through sacred ceremonies and joyous celebrations.
All of us can feel the irresistible Evolutionary Impulse that is urging Humanity to a Higher Consciousness – an Awareness of our true One-ness in Peace and Love. We invite the people of Ibiza to awaken to this beauty that wants to emerge from within our souls, and to become a beacon for others to go forward as ONE. The energy of World Peace Days will lift our vibrations – individually and collectively so that we can truly… Be The Change We Wish To See.