EDITION: June - August '07


It could start with mere curiosity, the will to explore unknown potentialities of our brain. It could come from a desire to better understand certain angles of our personality...

...or from a certain uneasyness: “Why do I always repeat the same errors? Why do the same things always happen in my life, on which I have no control?”

Then we will search, in this present life, in our childhood (psychoanalysis, psychotherapies, introspection) and even when we were in our mother’s womb and during the moment of delivery (rebirthing, fœtal regressions)… Since all what we have lived is registered in our cells, even if we don’t have the counsciouss memory of it.

We can also search in astrology, in biological decoding, or do a “familial constellation“ (Bert Hellinger method), in order to better understand the influence of our family tree on our life. All those methods are interesting and can enlighten us on ourselves: “know yourself and you will know the universe and the gods” is a maxime written on the initiation temple of Delphes, and recovered by the well known Philosopher Socrates.

Since the middle of the 20th century therapies have also been developped “to expand the consciousness”. Those therapies, based on deep relaxation, allow the person to turn from a “logical-rational“ consciousness, typical from the left side of the brain, to an “intuitive-receptive“ consciousness, characteristic of the right side of the brain, and then to access to the emotional memory, registered in the heart of the cells…

Specifically, the “Patrick Drouot“ technique, allows switching the left brain off, so the person can then pass from one brain waves to another. another.

Cerebral activity of the brain (in electric waves):

Beta: usual consciousness 12 to 25 hz
Alpha: relaxation, meditative level 7 to 12 hz
Theta: give up of left brain, corporal weight,
4 to 7 hz
Delta: sleep, dreams 0,5 to 4 hz
Gamma: upper counsciousness, 25 hz & beyond

So, put on an “alpha level” the person, guided by different suggestions of the therapist, can see some buried memories, feel forgotten emotions rising up in him or her, and as the concept of “Wisdom erase karma“ goes, knowing or taking into account of an event or happening erase the negative elements linked to this happening.

This goes for this life or for other lives… since this therapeutic method allows also people to travel into “past lives”... or other “levels of consciousness” (depending on their beliefs). By re-living those happy or unhappy moments of the past again, we drain our fear and our stresses off and we take confidence again in the present life.

Without falling into an excessive emotionalism, we nevertheless can go and search in the heart of our emotions… The door towars our true “self”.

Pascale Nicolas is a therapist of the “Patrick Drouot” formation on Ibiza Island

Visit her website: www.liberation.site.voila.fr