EDITION: August - October '09


Xavier Sledzinski Lahore

As we wander around Ibiza, it is hard not to be amazed at the sight of exclusive homes with large green gardens, incredible views and innovative architecture.

Ibiza, forever fashionable, as well as a catwalk of style, a gallery of celebraties, and a collection of beautiful spots, is the location of summer homes for the most glamorous people in the Mediterranean. Now more than ever, the houses in Ibiza are select, paradisiacal hideaways, retreats of tranquillity and comfort to enjoy the company of friends and relatives.

Now in the 21st century, the island has witnessed how specialized and competent companies, often run by northern Europeans with their typical professionalism, have opened up a new housing market. Offering a series of the latest products in domotica (literally meaning a house that works by itself or an “intelligent” house), includes security, economy and the all around simplification of daily life and domestic chores. It is a more advanced technology than the standard automated entryphone or garden watering system of which we are accustomed.

Effortlessly as sitting by a pool, overlooking the sea and enjoying a drink, at the touch of a mobile phone, connected to a hidden computer in the kitchen, you can choose and control the volume of the music anywhere in the house. The lighting colour can also be changed and its degree of brightness, or actually switching off the lights in rooms (where no one is detected), as well as the video entryphone opening the door for visitors without getting up or even being at home.

Often we forget that domotica, the “intelligent” house is not just a technological advancement but also an improvement in energy saving or comfort. The “intelligent” house is capable of turning on and off air conditioning or heating if a window is opened, and will open and close blinds according to sunlight, regulating the exposure of light and temperature. A convincing factor for non-residents who have decided to buy a house on the island, is to be able to turn the heating or the swimming pool thermostat on, from abroad or open the motarized windows to air out the house and all with total security without having to depending on a third party.

Perhaps one of the factors most appreciated by the jet-set who own property on the island is the security sector. A simple video surveillance system which allows the propietor to view the inside of the house from his or her mobile phone or locking each room from a central locking system at the main door, under one lock and key. Additionally, it is possible to detect any forced entry to the house or garden, differentiating residents from intruders, not only informing the owner but acting independently and effectively against these incursions, protecting the family.

We have entered a new era in “intelligent” houses of which I am proud to be part of.

Texto: Xavier Sledzinski Lahore, Head Developer at Palimanan S.L. & at Kisana Realty S.L. en cooperación con Eurotec