EDITION: December '08 - February '09


Clean your car
without water

Do you know that everytime you wash your car you use between 60-200 litres of water? Do you know that there now exists a new product where you need no water to clean your car?

The new products of the company LA GOUTTE SECHE are all ecological and biodegradable. These products are made from essential oils and citric ingredients. They clean your car without harming our water levels or environment.

Cleaning your car with this new product is easy and inexpensive. First apply the liquid with a rag, let it dry (5 minutes) and then remove with a clean rag. Your car will be cleaner than ever before.

LA GOUTTE SECHE offers a service to wash your car at your home. Calling the below phone number you can buy the products directly or arrange for someone to come to your house and clean your car.