EDITION: August - October 2017

Are We Addicted To Smartphones?

You’ve seen it many times: A group of friends or a family take their seats in a restaurant, and one by one they pull out their smartphones until the food comes. They then take pictures of the food, and continue to check their Read More

Living Your Hero’s Journey

Many people are searching for a purpose in their lives... a meaning deeper than just existing from day to day with occasional highs and lows. Our way of living has created so many distractions that we have lost perspective of who we really are. Yet there Read More

Making Islands Smarter

Living on an island like Ibiza brings with it special challenges that are not found in mainland communities. These issues were addressed when representatives of governments, institutions, NGOs and the private sector Read More

The inheritance and gift tax system currently in force in Ibiza

Following the ruling of the European Court of 3 September 2014, Spanish lawmakers equated non-residents to residents with regard to inheritance, with the move being hailed as a great success. Since 1 January Read More

The Spirit of Dance

Most of you who are reading this have at some point heard the call of Ibiza... the call to come to this place of freedom... to leave your past behind and discover who you really are. This call often expresses itself through two of Read More

Drinking Enough Water

Your body is about 70% water, so drinking enough pure clean water is essential for optimal health - particularly on these hot summer days. How much you need to drink each day depends on your age, activity Read More

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